Sunday, March 20, 2011

Best Made Plans....

ALWAYS go astray - well in our house at least ;)

I've just realised I have some LO's to photograph and upload to share with everyone - and here we have a week of wet weather forecast, so light is at a premium - meaning the piccies might need to wait depending on how bad it gets (got to love Autumn ;))

But on a good note - Mr. Mojo seems to be sneaking back into the house from time to time!! Woohoo!!! That means it's time to create!!!! I've a GORGEOUS 'Waiting for You" MDF baby album I've been creating for Words or Whatever and I can't wait to finish it... I should have all the answers I need tomorrow early afternoon to be able to put the final touches on it :) The question that I need answered to do so is do I use Pink or Blue??? :) YEP, scan day tomorrow and we're very excited and hoping baby will play along and share his/her secrets with us :)

So on a good note I'm going to sign off here, get a little messy with some glue and paper and hopefully have some gorgeous news and LO's to share tomorrow :)


  1. Hello Treens!
    Im hopping on CWC and although i already follow your blog and chat on SBT50 I couldn't have you as the only person I didn't leave a comment for!

    I'm dying to see your waiting for you album!
    You know the sex now!! So have hopefully put the finishing touches on the album.

  2. Hi Treens....I just love your blog and everything in here.
    I´m already follow your blog!!!
    Hugs from Brazil