Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I've been Sewing Again!!!

A new pattern from Lorelei Jayne and it's a beauty!!!

the BG Bag

The BG Bag was released on Etsy last night and I believe it's going to be a winner for this little cottage business.  I found it very easy to follow and make up.  To be honest the most time consuming and complicated part of the creative process was getting my iron hot enough to iron the interfacing to my selected fabric. Yup it really is THAT easy!!  And besides easy it is versatile. 

When you purchase the pattern it not only includes the handbag pattern that I made and have pictured here, but also a beach bag size which can easily be converted for multiple uses...  I'm thinking with the addition of some simple pockets you can have a basic nappy bag, and then with or without pockets you have a WIP (work in progress) craft keeper, knitting/crochet bags with oodles of room to store your projects as well as the pattern, needles, hooks,  additional supplies etc...  As a beach bag there is plenty of room inside for a towel, change of cloths, thongs (or flip-flops, jangles, etc whatever they are called in your part of the world) and sunscreen. 

The bag is easy to accessorise as well. There are instructions for a magnetic closure.  It is able to be completed to be fully reversible and with a little tweaking you can change the handles to attach with D rings for a little added personality.  I made a little key fob to go with my bag which I filled with some beautiful dried heads of organic lavender - it really does smell divine!!!

In summary I am absolutely loving this design and pattern.  I can't wait to get stuck into making some more and experimenting.  I'm planning to make myself a new handbag after my lovely black and white expensive number recently died.  I'm also going to make something a little less restrained for my teenage daughter and a few craft bags and a nappy bag...  Oh my "to-do" list keeps growing and growing!!!  Actually, I think a trip to spotlight may just be added to my "to-do" list for tomorrow so I can select the perfect fabric for my next BG Handbag ;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Test Sewer... Success!!!!

 designed by Lorelei Jayne

This week I was given the opportunity to be a test sewer for a pattern which was re-launched today.  The Little Girl Bag by Lorelei Jayne is just sooo cute!

It's a quick sew (I made it in an hour with all the interruptions 6 children are likely to give) and very easy to follow.  

This bag is fully lined and can be made from a whole range of fabrics.

Mix and match the pieces in complimentary fabrics or add some embellishments for a bag fit for a princess.  Oh and boys don't miss out either - make it out of plain or boyish fabrics and it is a versatile bag for carrying matchbox cars or blocks or even filling with dirt (as our Toby loves to do) 

Seriously a very easy pattern, quick sew, multiple uses and design applications and FREE!!!!  

Check it out on the Lorelei Jayne Blog HERE  or on their FB Page HERE

Whoops... that didn't go far....

I mean, I did do some work on my "word" and no doubt will sign up for it again next year...  But blogging my crafty ventures didn't go far... once again being a mum took over...  Next year though.... Ahhh famous last words ;)  

In all seriousness I HAVE done some crafty stuff this last few weeks and am putting actions into place for it to continue.  I've dug out some sewing bits and pieces and have been making some items for the kidlets and will soon start stockpiling times to sell in an online store I am opening in early 2015.  The Simple Life is still in the planning stages, however I have several trusted and well loved companies on board to stock their wares and hopefully help build a successful venture.  

I'm making a more concerted effort to do some "me" things... one of these things is crafty stuff.. sewing, knitting, scrapbooking etc etc...  Some ties in with a little business venture which will formally launch early 2015.  It's something that I really feel soothes my soul and allows me to be more me (that probably does't make much sense)

So I unpacked my new sewing machine a couple of weeks ago.  It's nothing flash, a spotlight rebranded machine - Elna 40 (rebranded Janome Magnolia or Janome 8077 - there are differing views) and started cutting into my precious minky to make Toby a tag blanket.  He has a fascination for tags, rubbing them, threading them onto his fingers or just stroking them when falling asleep...  he will scout them out to help sooth him - to the point that I found him snuggling up to a pair of Aerynns knickers one day, stroking their size tag!!!!

Well one blanket evolved from under the sewing machines foot... and Toby LOVED it!  a smallish, patchwork blue minky one one side, quilting cotton the other with numerous different size, thickness and width tags on its outer edges.  I fastened a ribbon tag with a snap on it so the blanket can also be secured to prams and trolls for added reassurance it won't be lost.  

Tag blanket getting the snooze of approval, Adelaide Nov 2014

I thought all was well until Miss Aerynn spotted Toby's new blanket... and insisted she needed one too!  And in princess pink - seriously, she is such a little princess and pink is her favourite colour! So out came the minky stash, scissors and within an hour Miss A had her own matching Taggie blanket :)  

Two very happy little kidlets... and I swept out some of the cobwebs which my creative bug was starting to drown in :)  Now to do Domeniks minecraft weighted blankets, weighted toy, santa sacks for everyone, maybe a few other little projects in between... oh and starting on building up a supply of bits and pieces for the launch of "The Simple Life" online store - opening 2015!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Getting Back Into It!!!

Hello World!!  It's been a while since I've blogged here.  I'm not sure if anyone really reads blogs anymore, but well, I'm going to post here because I can and it stops me annoying friends on FB who aren't crafty and don't understand my enthusiasm for playing with paper, pens, glue, scissors etc etc etc.

Anyways, it's been so long that when I walked down the aisle at spotlight just the ohter day things have changed quite a bit!  My beautiful Epic is now on clearance sale!!!  And things that were new back when are now obsolete or superseded etc etc... so much new stuff, new brands, new ways of scrapping - I mean Project Life!?!!  I've joined a few groups to try and understand it more.. It's about simplifying I get that.. could help me get some memories scrapped in my current time poor state... 

Anyhoos.. Like I said, getting back into things.  Nothing big, but I have started the One Little Word project.  Something simple, once a month and I already had a word for the year so was pretty easy to compulsively hit the "buy now" button and join the crew ;)

So I dug out my smash journal I purchased 2 years ago - was still in it's original wrapping and untouched!  and I'm going to use that.  I brought a Project Life base cardpack, so that will help speed things along ;)   now to get in and watch January's lesson again without kids screaming and crying and get a start on it...

Oh in the meantime.. my word is...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I've committed to trying to complete the Photo a Day challenge again this year. So far so good!!! I'm adding a Tab on this page to keep a record of my year...In the meantime, all my images so far can be found on a few pages, including my Katami Photography facebook page and my Flikr

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why did I click that???

Becci, I blame YOU!!!!!

**sigh** there are SO many online stores filled with the most tempting fabric and Becci has introduced me to yet another... This one I've found the most delightful trims and ribbons I have no choice but to purchase to make some beautiful headband and accessories etc for my girls and for photo props **sigh**

Beach Vintage is the blog, Fabric Traders is their shop!!! They are currently running a special offer/give-away!!! Be one of the first 50 to blog about their new shop and telling people about your favourite fabric and you can win a suprise fabric pack!!! So I'm up for a chance at a game of "fastest finger" as the case may be ;)

So on perusal of the many pages of fabric I've finally drenched my crafty bib with drool and fallen in love with so much stuff (those ribbons - I must get me, no my daughters some!!!!) but my absolute fave fabric is one I could use for trims or as a feature piece, it is called "Pretty Butterflies Grey by Alexander Henry" I love the muted colours against the black background :)

It's natural beauty, soft and pretty with the ability to blend but still strong enough to stand alone if need be :)

Soooo want a peek at the ribbons I've fallen in love with as well??? Here one is...

Imagine this as the top of a headband, held on the head with a back elastic and soft run of felt under the ribbon to help the science of friction hold it in place.... Ahhh sooo pretty!!!

Anyhoos, this isn't getting the housework done (thanks Becci :P) so better run now I've blogged, drooled and avoided the housework for yet another 20 minutes ROFL

And go check Beach Vintage or Fabric Traders out!!! And if your credit card or bank account become a little bruised in the process don't blame me, we can all thank Becci for inviting us to click the link!!!!

I Scrapped!!!

It's the first layout in ever so long, and it felt wonderful to get it done!!! If it wasn't for the gorgeous Charm having a Girls Night In evening I don't think it would be done though.. the ability to go out of the house and meet with like minded people is such a great influence in the ability of getting arty stuff done ;)

Anyhoos, here it is :)

Hush-a-bye Baby

It's a very simple LO for me, and is part of a 30 minute challenge or Speed Scrap that was on offer over at Red Earth Scrapping for their pink weekend. There's a little bit of fussy cutting of the base paper to allow the photo to settle under the pattern, then some layers of washi tape from D'lish Scraps (thanks for letting me use you're Charm!!!) and of course some Charms Creations products, the page runner at the base of my photo and a Fabulous Flower :) So nice and easy, but I love how it came together :)

Having this page completed and some time to myself makes me hungry for more.... I really want to sink my teeth into some more scrapping, but at the moment baby girl has other ideas with what I should be doing with my time ;) I know my scrappy time will come, it wont be that far away - at the moment baby girl has to come first... They are only this small for a short amount of time and she is definitely our last so I am soaking up every second I can and creating as many new baby memories as possible <3