Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tossing Up an Idea....

I'm thinking I may have a lot more time on my hands now the kids are heading back to school and trying to work out exactly what to do with it... I wasn't sucessful at the DT possie I tried out for (more about that in a latter post) and Dommy will nap most of the day away with his routine so will have a few hours a day to while away on a whim.... Soooooo I've been tossing up an idea....

Well really it's been there for a little bit...

Long enough that I've actually locked in a blog address and checked business registry details (Ahhh the ATO never leaves ones blood mwahahhaa) and business name etc etc

What is this idea???

Well it's to sell some of my handmade creations via a blog and then if all goes well into an etsy type of store...

Anyhoos - It's still an idea - I thought I might put it out here to see what others though :)

BTW - here are some pins I made last night - boy themed... I'm not 100% certain if I'll be doing the craft market at SBT50 this Friday, but if I do they will be available there :)

BTW - some of these pins are prototypes and have a LOT of refining before I'll be happy with the final design ;)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oooooh News from Pretty Petals!!!

Look at this GREAT offer starting in February!!!!

~ Petals Club ~

What you get....

- 2 packs of our most popular flowers each month
- 1 pack of our newest flower release each month

- Exclusive Discounts

- Inspiring Tutorials from our talented Design Team

- Automatic entry into our monthly prize draws.

What it costs....

Normally this would cost you $10 - $20 each month, but with this special offer you pay just $5 a month, how fantastic is that??

We have available from today:

$15.00 for a 3 Month Membership

$30.00 for a 6 Month Membership

$60.00 for a 12 Month Membership

Don't forget the new store is open as well - go check it out!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Yep - another "Brothers" LO from me.. It's kinda hard when you have 3 boys to avoid them LOL I *think* I've scrapped a smaller version of this photo - but I love it soooo much, and this larger version was sitting in my cupboard calling to be used ;) And then when the Second CT challenge was put up on Red Earth Scrapping and it had a sketch with a larger photo on it and it really suited the sketch.. so how could I resist??? LOL

The details of the CT comp second round are HERE. Due to circumstances it's no long part of the CT application process, but more a 'just for fun' challenge ;)

challenge requirements:
* Use the sketch PROVIDED

* handmade or hand cut element/s or embellishment/s

* ribbon - any size, any amount, any where (lace/ricrac/trim also ok)

* journalling - more than just the date, give us a few more details - can be anywhere on the page or hidden etc

* something RED on the page - as big or small as you like


I really like how this came together in the end.. I was up at 11pm painting backgrounds but this morning decided I didn't like it so started again hahaha A bit of glimmer mist here and there on the background to liven it up and I was away in the end :)

I ADORE this photo I took of William and Domenik. Dommy would have been around 12 weeks old and loved to bable - this is exactly what he is doing here with Wil.

I've created a little quote box in the embie cluster from a slide projector surround. the quote in it is "a brother is a friend given by nature" ~Jean Baptiste Legouve. The little bird stick pin is also my creation (I love playing with sculpy!!!) I'm addicted to lace at the moment and love that it can be used on masculine LO's as well as femanine!! I've also got some brown vintage ribbon on the LO as well.

There are flashes of red in the fussy cut border between the layers of lace under the photo as well as in the Jenny Bowlin stick pin above the photo and the paper lace ribbon as well. Papers used are from Crate Paper Restoration range, paper doilies and some corrugated card that I rescued from the recycle bin (the sort used for packing between plates etc when new/boxed)

The journalling reads (in case it's hard to decipher) "William, I don't know why we worried about how you would cope not being the baby anymore. Everyone could see how much you loved Domenik and your new role"

Monday, January 24, 2011


It had to happen - cleaning of the scrap room that is **sigh** I like to have my room looking 'creative' and 'lived in' and well... isn't creating more important than cleaning??? LOL Anyhoos - we've got carpet cleaners in on Friday morning and a rental inspection in the afternoon and I'm not sure the real estate would be as understanding of my creative organisational skills in my craft room as I am - so time for a clean up **sigh**

I'm finding soooooo many things that had decided to grow legs and move from their usual homes!! They must have wanted to camp out on my desk than in the safety of their proper containers I'm sure ;) I guess summer is the time to go camping right :) Anyhoos... whilst going through a few what I thought were empty pizza boxes I came across some layouts I've not shared - so tomorrow we have a forecast of beautiful weather (perfect for Australia Day) I might photograph them and share - they're nothing special but more stories from my life and family :)

Ok, I've been procrastinating on and off all day - putting things off, but it's now down to the crunch time.. Big things have been sorted and put back in their non-creative homes... time to sort the little stuff - this is where I usually get lead astray by shiny stuff out the corner of my eye that needs experimenting with, or by my phone telling me I have new mail, or by a text message, a child calling "mummy" or TV, or - well anything pretty much LOL

On to the grind - If I don't surface tomorrow please send out a search party, I've probably discovered pixies at the bottom of the garden or the likes ;)

Have a great evening all :)


Thursday, January 20, 2011


That's the title of my latest Layout. It's the one I've completed for the Red Earth Scrapping CT competition. Our inspiration for this first part of the competition was simply the RES logo!!

Reasonably simple hey - but as I mentioned yesterday I scrapped my first idea, and ran with this one instead - I love the photo, I think I've done justice to it - but will leave the judgement up to the people :) Let me know what you think!!! Honest opinions please :) Big girl panties are on - I'm tough ;)

Anyhoos, I've a splitting headache at the moment and a midwives appointment this afternoon so really need to shake it so going to cope and paste details here and tidy it up when my head stops thumping and all appointments have passed ;)


The Inspiration...

I used colours and textures from the logo for the inspiration behind this LO. I've been sitting on this photo of Kahli for a while, not really sure how to scrap it - she's not a 'girly girl' so the usual girly papers etc don't suit her - but I found the colours and textures here really suited the image. I took it of her sitting outside the sandstone wall from our old house at sunset.

The title is chippie. It has several layers of white paint and a top coating of 'diamond' stickles. It sits around 1 inch above the background as it's resting on flowers (and lots of foam tape LOL) This page hasn't been designed to go in an album, it will be framed ;) The birdcage in the top corner is simply cut with a cri-cut and I've wound flowers in and around it (carefully do it didn't tear the cardstock - tricky stuff!! LOL)

The papers used are fancy pants hot chocolate (who would have through a cold winter range of paper would warm up so well!!!!) I love distressing - it adds so much character and texture to papers. The background has obviously been torn where I've 'sewed' it back up. as has the corregated cardboard matting that I used for the photo. Above the photo I've tiled some contrasting papers to resemble the old corrugated iron wall in the logo. The paper behind the big tear has been scrunched and inked and distressed, as has the 'rolls' where I've sewn. When iIdo this effect I usually use double sided papers but fancy pants weren't that giving with this PP. The sewing has been tied with a bird and a key - symbolising to me freedom - something i desire for my children :)

As much as Kahli isn't a girly girl there are lots of flowers everywhere :) I love flowers and don't get the chance to use them often enough with her but the colours just felt right so I lashed out hehehe (she's going to kill me!!! ROFL) There's some handmade Pretty Petal's Storybook flowers, adjusted flowers and I've dyed the feather/wheat like yellow texture strands with glimmer mist to reflect the wheat in the logo.

I absolutely ADORE the texture of antique lace and have put a ruffle of it under the title with some red ribbon.

I think that's pretty much it. I didn't want any journalling as for me this is more an arty page than a story page... I'm really happy that I've finally been able to do something with this photo :) My girl (even though I'm biased) is gorgeous and a little bit breathtaking ;) Lord help up when she gets a bit older!!! With that firey mane, porcelain skin and independent streak she's going to be a handful - let alone a magnet for the boy's I'm sure!!!

Is it Just Me????

Am I the only person out there who spends most of the week mulling over a Layout... (an important one at that) I had a great plan in my head only to decide at the last minute it wasn't good enough or what I wanted to represent me and scrap it???

Well I've just done that - Probably a foolish move with it due midnight tomorrow night, but what's better than a deadline to make things motor on??? LOL

So I've spent the week collecting papers, cutting, forming, moulding a background... stitching and painting over it until it was just what I wanted - but now I've changed my mind hahaha Oh dear, the things we do!!!! I'll use it somewhere down the line I guess... eventually... maybe.. I think... errr - yeah one day I'm sure ;)

Now I'm back to square one - as in I've pulled out new papers, a new photo and have changed tack completely!!! And I'm hoping and praying that the idea forming will be breathtaking - hope and pray for me... I should be ready to upload and share tomorrow night all going well...

Oh shoot, I hope I've done the right thing mwahahahhaa LOL Nothing like experimentation ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Giveaway!!!

I've not put a giveaway here for a while... Well new year, getting back to normal and back in the swing of life (especially with the older sprogs going back to school in 11 days - excited mummy do ya think!?!?!? LOL)

So here's one I found - it's for Mad About Scrappin... They're about to hit 100 followers on their BLOG (at 96 at the moment) Head on over, follow their inspirational blog and you will be in with a chance to win their celebratory giveaway!!!! How simple is that!?!??! :)

And while you're checking out their blog head over to their ONLINE STORE too - they stock Words or Whatever - WOW Chipboard!!!!!! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

WOW!!!! A Huge Suprise :)

WOW is the word for sure :) Yesterday I received word that I had been selected to join the Design Team for the company Words Or Whatever - WOW!!!!

WOW produces the most GORGEOUS chipboard and MDF products - and I'm sooooo excited!!!! It is a huge DT they have, meaning we will be producing work on a bi-monthly basis, and they will have a fantastic rotation of inspiration on which to draw (and they have a HUGE range with which to work with!!!!)

I've already shown some work I've done with their beautiful chippies, OTP Mini Canvas and the Adorable LO are two of them that are also featured on their Facebook Page. There will be a blog coming soon as well...

So if your LSS doesn't stock WOW products go in and ask them why not? It really is some of the most fantastic stuff I've ever worked with!! They are strictly a wholesale company, but as soon as some of my favourite online stores start stocking them (and they're in the process of getting it in - how exciting!!!) I'll let you know as well - in the meantime go HERE to see if there is a retailer near you who are already clever enough to stock the WOW product :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

So She Scrapped!!!

Yeps, I am definitely on the mend **yaaay** As I said before, complaining about leg cramps I'm sure sounded really sooky and weak - but it hurt!!! LOL But today's been a lot better!! I could actually sit in a chair and pout my feet to the ground with minimal fuss!!!! The last few days that would have seen me in tears from the severe cramps - so yep, getting better ;)

And so I scrapped :) My fingers have been itchy, my brain on hyper-drive and it was sooooo good to get something together!!!! :)

I don't know if this LO will be used for a competition or not as it was too late to qualify for the RES A Happy, Scrappy New Year challenges - it does fit in with a SBT50 challenge... but I'll see what happens... If I run out of time I might use it for SBT50.... I'll see LOL

Anyhoos... Here's what I did today!!!

Challenge Six
challenge requirements

* Create a LO using the lollypop flowers you created in challenge three (The individual lollypops will be shown after the LO)
* Interpret CLUE and incorporate this Bonus Item

Our New Tradition

My 3 lollypops are cherries in the tree. I drew and hand cut the tree, painted it with twinkling H2O's (same paints used to colour the chippy leaves) The background is from the MME holly jolly range. I've covered it in watered down glue and tissue-papered it (I really LOVE this effect!!!) I've then stitched leaves into the background and grass beneath the tree.



As for the lollypops....

Challenge Three
challenge requirements

* Make 3 lollypops for a later challenge.
* Interpret CLUE and include bonus item into your challenge elements.

My lollypops are made from 3 mostly red quilting fabric with some Christmas fabric foil netting in-between the layers.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Feeling Human Again :)

This last week has been super weird.. I've spent most of it in bed with you wouldn't believe it - Leg Cramps!!! I ended up with an electrolyte imbalance due to a side effect of some meds I was on which ended up with my left calf being in a constant state of cramp for the last 6 days!!! It sounds really trivial, I know... but it was so debilitating and painful - I even needed drugs to sleep through the night (prescription, not illegal!!! only clarifying hahaha)

So 5 days on electrolyte boosted drinks, massage, heat and moaning and I'm finally feeling almost human again!!! **yay**

Which means I can get on with being crafty again!!!! It feels like it's been a while, but it's only really a week since I finished a LO. I've been putting things together and playing with paper when I've been able to get up and move and as a result have a few LO's half done, or at least organised so hopefully they can be knocked over super quickly and I can get into some new projects - I tell you my fingers are sooooo itching to craft it up!!!!

And I guess I can confirm that I'm trying out for a DT this week - they're having a competition that starts today over at

I don't know how far I'll get. I think my work is way different than what most do over there so not sure if that's a good thing or not LOL But I'll give it my all!!! And, Yes I finally stopped procrastinating and am going for it ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rising Waters Flood Appeal

Please please read this and join in - If your any wasy craft at all consider giving a little peice of yourself to the communities in need.

It doesn't have to be much, a card, a simple handmade gift - something to make someone smile who has possibly lost everything...

Consider this, some of the people who are flood effected in Qld have not only lost their every day possessions, but also their precious photographs and mementos... albums that may have gone back generations... These people need to re-build these precious items - we can do something to help in making memory albums for them, cards to show we care, or even a simple handmade item to show that the rest of Australia (and maybe even the world) cares and is thinking of them enough to give their time to make something special for them...

This is something dear to me and I hope it is a project that will be dear to you...

Slip on over to the blog HERE... There are full details available there as well as an address to post items to - NO CASH PLEASE!!! Only items from the heart xxxx

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scrappy Morning :)

I actually had some energy this morning so put it to good use and completed some LO's!!!! These ones are for Red Earth Scrapping - it's a site I've lurked on, I always mean to jump in and participate but when I finally made a move to with their last CC it was when morning sickness kicked in so I kinda got waylaid.... Yes I know - completely slack!!!

But they've started a new competition - A Happy, Scrappy New Year that has some cute little challenges - not all difficult or cumbersome so I thought I'd have a go ;) The challenges aren't all listed yet - there's still a few to be announced and it is running until Jan 15th so if you want to ahve a go too come along, have some fun and you may just win a prize!!! :)

Challenge One

The challenge is ... to scrap a Christmas layout and it must include the following:

* 1 Christmas photo

* die cut or shaped paper or cardstock (any shape, can be hand cut, can be any size)

* journalling - more than just the basics, add a little more detail

Carols By Candlelight

As per usual I've tried something a little left of centre with a black background - Not exactly traditional for a Christmas LO LOL It's a photo I took of my 4 kidlets at Carols By Candlelight 2010. I've used papers from MME Holly Jolly range, flourish stickers from Bo-Bunny Noel combo sticker sheet and the diecut is from the same bo-bunny range.

A crochet heart doily from Becci at Lime Tree Creations

There's one of Sues Fabulous Lovelybug Bits n' Bobs buttons, I think we received it in a Christmas Swap - I've added a little colour with some copics. And the star was from a swap on SBT50, I've wrapped some wire and beads around it and strung some buttons on it like a trail of stars - I really love how this turned out :)

And this little Rosette embie was made by Sarah Martin, I brought it from her craft stall on SBT50 - isn't it too cute!!! She's also purchased some of my creations and has used them on LO's as well - you can see them on her blog too :)

Challenge Two

A recipe challenge

* cardstock base (12x12 or 8.5x11)

* 3 x patterned paper circles - any size but plan this carefully ...

* 1 x patterned paper strip - max size 3x11

* ribbon/trim/lace etc - any type/quantity

* flowers - no more than 5 - any size/style

* alphas

* photo/s

The challenge was simply to collect our 'ingredients, photograph and upload. they directly relate to challenge #5.

My Ingredients

1,2 miss a few... on to number 5!!!

Challenge Five

It's time to mix them your ingredients from challenge #2 and create a delicious dish - a layout.

You may ONLY use what you put together, don't go reaching for anything extra {{{waving finger }}} Wink but ... I will allow 1 extra thing ... and that is STICKERS!

My Boy and His Bear

I absolutely ADORE how this has turned out!!! I've used all the items in my photo for challenge 2. I've added some small alpha stickers (that were meant to be photographed but I left them on my desk *doh* Lucky they are stickers ROFL) to the pack, oh and a pen for journalling the date.

BTW - the little spirals in the flowers are actually the stems off the roses that I cut off near the head of the flower, I then get the wire stems and twist them around my tailors awl to create the spirals... :)

My circles are places around the photo - one under the small white rose (music note) one above the photo 'matting (hearts) and the green abstract one is under the lace near the bottom of the photo :)

I added ink for the date - but it was allowed :)

So that is what I got up to this morning :) Now I'm feeling incredibly drained and looking forward to a good night sleep!! hopefully waking with similar energy ready to tackle some more challenges tomorrow and be ready and reasonably energetic for tomorrows SBT50 CC!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shameless Plug for a Special Friend :)

who would that be?? It's the gorgeous Sue!!!! She's branching out to start selling her gorgeous buttons on her blog under the name of...

And to help launch her little venture she is offering a GIVEAWAY!!!

Seriously, you really need to check out her gorgeous range :) they're very well made and cute to boot!!! :) And put yourself in for the chance to win a little bit of crafty cuteness by commenting HERE!!!

There's So Much Going On!!!

In the scrappy world that is (not my world, because apparently I'm still meant to be resting mwahaha) There's so many new challenges out there, DT calls and extra competitions it's kinda mind blowing to be honest!!!

Some of the DT calls have piqued my interest.. I really don't know if I'll apply - I'm kinda scared of the competition ROFL It's not a case of being being able to fulfill the requirements of the role, I think it's more scared of rejection - I'm a bit of a softie like that at times LOL

There are also several Cyber Crops happening in the near future - Kicking 2011 off in a wonderfully scrappy way!!!

Soooo... Here's what I've found that has so far grabbed my attention - I know there's a WHOLE lot more out there, but this is just a start!!!

DT Calls:

Paper Inklings

Details: We are excited to finally announce that we are now looking for our first "official" Design Team!

Six creative souls will be chosen to produce projects for a six-month period, using our product ranges which consist predominately of printed paper, rub-ons and chipboard. If you are interested, please email to, the following...

1. TWO of your favourite single page layouts that you feel best displays your scrapping style. Products used do not have to be Paper Inklings, however we would like to see how you creatively use printed paper, rub-ons and chipboard throughout the projects you submit.

2. ONE double page layout as above

3. ONE Project of choice. This could be a card, mini album, frame, or any Off-The-Page project. If OTP isn't your thing, that is totally fine, just send us another layout.

4. A really brief bio of yourself. Just include your name, suburb and state, and if you are currently or have been on any design teams previously.

5. The link to your scrapping blog if you have one...but if you don't you will not be disadvantaged. We are encouraging everyone to apply so if you are new to the scrapping world, please do not be shy to apply.

We will be taking applications up to midnight on Tuesday 11th January 2011, so please start emailing us now with "Design Team Call" in the subject line.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Website found HERE


Red Earth Scrapping

Details are found HERE

Creative Team Challenges commence January 16th


The Polkadot Place

Details are found HERE

Entries due January 20th


My Scrapbook Nook

Details found HERE

Entries Due January 25th


123 Challenge

Details found HERE

Entries Due January 31st


And for CyberCrops and Competitions......

Red Earth Scrapping

Happy Scrappy New Year Competition
Currently up and running
Submissions due January 15th



"A little ray of sunshine,
has come into the world... "

Details Here
CC - January 14th


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ready to Go!!!!

There's been a small - eency weency, well to be honest 1 inch long hiccup to the beginning of my crafty year - but that in turn has lead to a chance to be even more crafty mwahaha

Too cryptic?? LOL

We had a scare with baby splodge yesterday which resulted with me being in hospital for 7 hours waiting on tests, scans etc etc... We're home not but have been ordered to REST!! So what better way to rest than to be resting and crafty at the same time!!! Woot woot!!!! Sooooo I'm off this afternoon to round up challenges and things to do over the next couple of weeks in particular and will be back to share what I can find :) There's lots out there already for the new year!!! :)

Bring it on!!!!

Woot woot!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Crafty Start to the New Year!!!

Well better late than never ;) Over at SBT50 the loverly, wonderful stupendous and did I say fabulous Vicki gave us a 24 hour extension to complete the monthly challenges for December.... Seeing as I hadn't even made a start (oooops!!!!) it was a welcome relief to me ;) I managed to complete all bar the dare!!! (it helped that a page from my 2010 journal fit one of the challenges criteria LOL) so here we have Decembers Monthly Challenges :)

1) Vicki's Sketch Challenge

challenge requirements:

* Complete a LO using THIS sketch from pagemaps. No further criteria required (got to love that:))

Mumma's L'il Pixies

2) Anthea's Minimalist Challenge

challenge requirements:

* Leave your page at least 50% white space


I've used these photo's before but I couldn't resist doing this LO. I really LOVE how it's turned out :) I couldn't quite get the textural element to come through in the photo, but it's there IRL ;)

3) Sue's Colour Challenge

challenge requirements:

* Have yellow as your dominant colour

January 2010

No, it's not a bold yellow, but yellow it is ;) I've painted the chippies with twinking h2o's and given them some definition with dimensional magic after a few washout treatments to bring different colours out of the paints ;) I LOVE this effect - and soooo easy to achieve!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


A decision has been made - and yeah I'm going to subject myself to the mental torture that is this challenge LOL I think It's probably only me that sees it as mental torture... I beat myself up unbtil I've got my pic for the day - ahh nothing like pressure hehehe Anyhoos - I'll be posting in blog form (slightly easier to manage than a page) but I will dedicate a tab on here to my PAD and will include the link and any piccies I think are decent enough to share ;)

And if you're interested... here's the address... Go and join, kick my butt if necessary LOL There's not much to see for now, but it will have a piccie for yesterday soon (all be it a rushed and not that good a shot!!!)