Thursday, September 30, 2010

And to Complete the Monthly Trifecta.....

All swaps were completed and sent in time (wahooo!!!)

Sooooo... Here are my embellishment swaps... I'll update with a photo of my tags that I made for the product swap as soon as I get them back, because little old me was so excited to get them in on some she forgot to get a photo of them!!! **doh**

The Theme for the Embellishment Swap was :

Feathers Fur and Fins

Stamped birdie, painstakingly and lovingly cut out and then feathered, stickled and dimensional magiced to bring some definition.... I left him/her uncoloured so the recipient could do them in the colour scheme they wished for their own uses.

Handmade buttons (by moi of course LOL) Painted and then dimensional magiced to bring the little duckie out of the background.

Handmade feather button (by moi of course LOL) hand sculpted, glimmer misted and then roughly painted to give dimension.

As I said Tags will come soon and then I'll photograph them and upload here as well ;)

now, onto October!!! The middle of Spring and month of numerous family birthdays and how can we forget Halloween!!!!

SBT50 Monthly Challenge September 2010

Yay!! I made the deadline - just ;) I don't know why but a few of the challenges really threw me, so I sat here procrastinating the month away!!! But then at the last minute with the deadline looming it all clicked (thankfully) oh and this was all on the LAST day of the month!! Yes I churned out 3 LO's in one evening!!! how I did it and have respectable work (well one I'm not happy with but that's always me anyway haha) I have nooooo idea!!! Let's just say that this month they will all be done early as it's a HUGE month for us (4 birthdays, 2 being my kids, Christmas pudding and cake baking, Christmas panic setting in and school holidays to start the month of with!!) So without further ado - here are my monthly challenges for SBT50 for the month of September!!!

Challenge #1 - Sue's Scraplift Challenge

Well.. not only was I guest DT for the CC, but the gorgeous Sue did a scraplift challenge and she chose MY LO "One" to scraplift!!!!

Challenge Requirements

* Scraplift the LO "One"
* Kraft cardstock or neutral base
* smeared paint
* a quote

I discovered it's awfully difficult to scraplift your own LO without making it look tooooo much alike!! So what I did was make a sketch of my original and then pack the original away. I then flipped the sketch and kept away from some of the materials and techniques I used in the original such as sewing and my little alpha's etc.... This is what I came up with....


I love the natural textures that compliment the tree branch that Dom is sitting in (that really doesn't shop up that well here. I also received a parcel yesterday with a prize in it for a previous LO win - it was some gorgeous embie from the Chip Chop Shop - they are soooooo cute and I couldn't resist adding the little bird and leaf in the tree - I think they look extra cute!!

Challenge #2 - Vicki's Style Challenge

Challenge Requirements:

* minimalist/white space style - yep, even though I've glimmered my background I think it still coveres the white space rule.
* use 2 photos the same - My kids with our first visit to the Blue Lake; the day after we landed in Mount Gambier
* stamping - The background up the top third has the new Kaiser script stamped on it, I've used a copper ink for the stamping to keep in with the gold sheen of the black glimmer mist.
* buttons - I made some with air dry clay. I shaped it using the lid off a glimmer mist bottle and then stamping some acrylic stamps in to give texture and definition. I then used some walnut stain distress ink to bring out the details and then glimmered over the top to give more colour and a nice sheen.

The Lake

Challenge #3 - Anthea's Non-Journalling Challenge

And now we get to the challenge I had the most trouble with!!! Why?? Well check this out....

Challenge Requirements:

* A LO based on a male figure in your life - my grandfather. He had to go into a nursing home not long after this photo was taken because his Alzheimers took him back to the war and he often became violent Sad He was a battler my pop - Several times we were called to the hospital to say goodbye - in the end it was the Alzheimers that took him... I love this photo - I forgot I had it actually.... he looks so happy with his new great granddaughter Smile
* An old LO rescrapped OR a new technique - I made the button/plaque which was a new technique for me... I'd used air dry clay before but never to make buttons and never stamping into them - love it!
* Use a photo or photos that tells the story (you are NOT allowed to journal other than a title and a date) - Check
* A "non-traditional" male colour scheme - Last time I checked purple/lilac was not a recognised male colour :P It's mostly "popsicle" glimmermist. I've glimmered both the paper doily background and the lace under the title strip. The little plaque I made is a lot more purple in real life but I'm wishing I glimmered it with 'popsicle' too before I stuck it down - the things one does when in a rush!!!

1st Cuddles with Grandpop

Challenge #4 - We Dare You

Challenge Requirements:

1. Dry embossing - Treens: Matting under photo - bothe white, misted and purple.
2. Leaves
- Missymoo: Lots of artificial fern leaves
3. Purple and green as main colours
- Joy: Check! The large alpha's are purple and green as well - it's a bit hard to tell from the main piccie as the DM has darkened the cardstock.
4. Black and white or Sepia photo
- Nikki: Photo is sepia of Domenik playing with Sunglasses - I Love this pic

Here Comes The Sun


So that's another month of challenges completed - 9 LO's/Projects in 30 days - not bad eh ;) And October is shaping up to be anopther great month - check it out over HERE

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm on a Scrappy High :)

and don't want to ever come down from this feeling LOL I've been creating today... lots of new stuff and working out new techniques :)

All in and around shopping with the brats - oh why did I think school holidays would be good for my scrappy mojo - WRONG!! ROFL

well, OK - it's not been all that bad, but I'm already over the "muuuuum *** hit me" or the "muuuuum *** called me a name" augh!!!

Sooo what have I been making?? Well more buttons - this time from a substance I found in spotlight (on clearance mind you so I probably wont be able to get it again **sigh**) called rubba-dubba-doo. It dries like those old foam block stamps (or foam kids toys if you have kids) so it's been really fun to work with - non sticky and non messy!!! I'll get some pics and edit them in here once the brats are in bed...

What else?? Weeeellll I've worked out a way to make my own bottle top scrappy goodness!!! You know the ones with piccies or papers in them that cost quite a lot at different crafty places... Well I'm making a mini tute that I'll put here for everyone to have the same fun as me :) It's a great way to use mini photo's or the index photo's that you get when printing etc... And did I say simple!?!?! SUPER simple and SUPER cheap!!!! wahoo!!!!

Oh and I got out photoshop and have had a play with my profile pic, I HATE photo's of me with a passion but thought it' time I did a more updated (even though it is 12 months old) one and something a little more half decent.... Whatcha think??? It's over that way ----------------->

Okies, need to feed my brood before they think that wooden furniture is another form of edible vegetation!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I might be crazy....

Well, I think that is actually not far from the truth ROFL but besides that I'm considering what a few pple have said to me and might put my name forward to join a DT somewhere - I know - crazy stupid hey :P

I'm not that good at putting myself forward so it's probably a good thing to step outside of my comfort zone right?!?!?! Anyways, I'm putting it in writing so I don't chicken out mostly....

What do I do or say??? No idea, I guess I can waffle on about most things, maybe it's time I stopped and started thinking positively about myself and my work and just go forth and annoy the bejeezus out of pple with applications mwahahaha...

Seriously - do you think I'm stupid with this?? Maybe people mentioned this to make me feel good rather than being serious?!?!?! Ack!!!

What am I thinking!?!?!?!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


ahhh I've been a slack bum!! But I've cleaned up some of the pages up top, I'll updated giveaways and comps hopefully tonight (hey got to be in it to win it!!!) and have updated my brag list - yes there's more to brag about yaaayyy!!!! :)

If you know of any great giveaways please let me know and I'll add them to my list (after applying first hahha)

Oh Yes she Done It!!!!

hmm is that grammatically correct?? Ahhh never mind LOL but I did it!! All SBT50 CC challenges are complete and photographed and uploaded and a big Sigh of relief has been breathed out :) Now onto the monthlies ;) I LOVE challenges and working to a deadline - I think I'm discovering I do my best work when pressured though LOL I knocked over the final 3 challenges in 2 days - running up to that though was a lot of planning and making of embellishments so it wasn't just a mad unplanned rush - even though it probably sounds like it LOL. Some of the embies I made took the best part of the week to make, paint and finish!!!

Sooo without further ado, I present to you fine persons (who happen to have such great taste to be reading my blog **mwah**) my LO's for the SBT50 September 2010 cyber crop - Music and Lyrics!!!!

Opening Night Challenge:

Presented by moi :) I've shown it HERE in a previous post :)

Challenge #1 - Monochromatic:

Oh - that was me again!!! ROFL. Well I've already revealed my class to you all HERE so I wont re-do it again... You can find the details on it HERE too :)

Challenge #2 - Misheard Lyrics:

Presented by the lovely, the talented, the wonderful SBT50 DT member Anthea :)

Okies, we were to use lyrics that were misheard or misquoted. I'm sure my brats mis-sung etc songs wrong when they were little but you know what, for the life of me I couldn't (and still can't) recall any of them!!! It's times like this I'm kicking myself for not continuing scrapping to have all this down on paper etc... or at the very least more profuse diary/blog writing!!!! So instead I was browsing the SBT50 FORUM and Bec was saying something about Kathies phone ringtone which is Jeremiah was a Bullfrog (Joy to the world) while at the same time I was going through my photo's... All of a sudden the song changed in my head to Domenik was a Bullfrog when I found this photo!! And from there I well and truly mis-quoted the song ROFL I really love how this LO came together in the end :)

Domenik was a Bullfrog

Domenik was a Bullfrog
He's a baby boy of mine.
Put him in the bath with some warm, warm water
and he'd have a froggy slashing time.
As a froggy Dom was mighty fine!!

Joy to the World
All the boys and girls
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me.

So for the remainder of the challenge...

1. glitter or bling or something shiny - The fish are handmade and painted with twinkling H2O's which give them a metallic finish, also the fish eyes are glitter stickled. the Bullfrog alpha's are also a glitter type.

2. Stiching (machine, hand, hand drawn, rubons - whatever) - LOTS of stitching!! There's a stitched border, as well as the stems for the bulrushes are also stitched (I did 3 needles in with this LO!!!)

3. Use felt or fabric on your LO (but remember ribbon does NOT count as fabric). - The head of the bulrushes is made from hessian that I cut and painted up. I've also made the waterlily flowers from other fabric flowers (nothing like recycling!!!)

Challenge #3 - Get Your Rock On:

Who else could rock a challenge like this other than the rock chick herself, the gorgeous, the ultra talented Soupie Sue!!!

The main element for this challenge was to use the lyrics from the kiss song "I wanna Rock and Roll all Night" You can find the lyrics (and other details of the challenge being discussed etc) HERE

DS-I Stylin'

The part of the lyrics I used were
"You're lookin' fancy and I like your style"

1. use at least 2 photos - 4 actually Smile
2. a ticket - Yeps, hiding amongst the photo's
3. at least one piece of altered chipboard (painted / inked / glittered / covered with pp, etc) The tab on the ribbon has been painted and then stamped before stickering the lyrics.

I'm sooo thrilled to have found these photo's Aleks took while playing with my DS-I. He is usually really careful to delete things like this before the DS-I get's returned so I miss this kind of thing usually - not this time!!! He's not that happy that I got them but he likes the LO - kids Smile I love it!! love the fact he's been spontaneous and having fun - even if he isn't smiling!!!! LOL That's my Aleks Smile

Challenge #4 - How Annoying!!:

Presented to you by the ever funny, entertaining, oh so talented, and super sweet Boss Lady at SBT50 - Vicki!!!

This one was relatively simple, we were to scrap a LO using lyrics from an annoying song - something I know a lot about after all I was named after someone who sung an annoying song!!! and I used her for inspiration ;)

This song however annoying it is reminds me that I was named after someone who had a passion for what she did Smile My middle name is Shari - named after Shari Lewis the puppeteer who controlled Lambchops and co... I grew up watching this show and spent many a day annoying the heck out of my family singing this song.. it has no end so how could I stop it?!?!?! :P

- bright colours - Check!!!
- layering with foam tape - The title and photo are all raised with foam tape
- beads! - The little butterflies are beaded. I was going to do something else, but time beat me (darn procrastinator in me that is Grrrr)

If I had my time over again I'd do the black background differently - I'd cover it all with the lyrics, not just around the photo's - but then I would happen to go ahead and start to stick it all down before I came up with the brainwave to write the lyrics into the background wouldn't I - oh and come up with it less than an hour before the LO's are all due to be uploaded!!! So stay as it was it did - it's OK, but it'll bug me now that I should have done it different/better hahaha

And for those not familiar with this song - check this out

So there you have it - another CC done and dusted :) Bring on next months ;) I can't wait to see what little gems the DT and guest DT will come up with - I've had a blast being guest DT and look forward to possibly being lucky enough to have the roll again one day :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guess who's been Scrapping!?!?!?


I've not had a chance to photograph it yet - but be prepared for an onslaught of LO's tomorrow (or even Monday depending on the weather)!!!

I ahve a few finishing touches to do one one LO and another one to knock over tomorrow and then the SBT50 CC will be all completed :) Yaayy!!! I felt it important as I was guest DT that I complete all the LO's ;) Nothing like putting pressure on oneself ROFL

I've also completed all my swaps for this month **woohoo** That is 3 groups of embellishment swaps and 5 journal tags swaps!!! I'm a sucker for punishment I know ;) but it means more mixed goodies coming my way when they're all swapped and handed back ;) I love this kind of suprise ;) :P

So for now I'm just checking in - I notice there's a few more giveaways happening at the moment on different blogs and websites so I'll probably spend some time on Monday going through them and sharing - then next weekend is the BIG day (no not the second AFL grandfinal for 2010) it's by baby boy's 2nd Birthday!!! I've no idea where the time has gone to, but it's sure gone fast!!! So lots of photo ops and scrapping to be doe of that ahead - oh and of course I'm doing another cake smash!!!! Did you really think I could resist my boy covered in cakey goodness hahaha Oh I'm a sucker hey ;) LOL

Until tomorrow (or Monday) happy scrapping!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where have all the hours in the day gone!?!?!?

They seem to be escaping me!!! I know what is happening though - because all my scrapping goodies are now segregated from the main part of the house I'm missing all those snick 5/10/30 minutes of extra scrapping and as a result things are not getting done that I want to get done!!! I've only been able to complete 1 of the Outback Scrapping CC challenges - when i did want to get more done - hey it's Twilight theme... what else is a twihard meant to do!??! LOL But seriously - I feel like I've hardly done anything productive since I've made the move to my scrap room!!! Even making 2 thankyou cards that I wanted to do this week hasn't been done as I've not have things in front of me for my brain to mull over **sigh** I'm seriously hoping the scrapping mojo returns before the weekend so I can finish the CC LO's for the SBT50 CC!!!

well I have 3 hours before bed tonight, I wonder how much I can get done on a LO....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Been so long....

since I've updated here - slack I know!!! That doesn't mean I've not been doing anything, quite the contrary!!! I've participated in 2 - yes that is TWO cyber crops!! the one at Scrapping Outback (twilight theme, how could I resist?!?!) and the Music and Lyrics one at Scrapbooking Top 50.

I've also been taking up residence in my new scrapping room **yay** oh and been parenting - exhausting... so plenty happening even though I have been slack in posting here..

I've completed 2 LO's (other than the samples for the SBT50 CC) I know that's not many, but it's more than what I was doing 12 months ago - so always an improvement hey ;) I can only share one as the other is super secret squirrel stuff for scrap whispers so that is all "sssshhhhh" top secret ;)

So what do I have to share??? This LO for the Scrapping Outback CC. This challenge is all about Obsession. Criteria was to include Obsession/obsessive in the LO, a photo of your obsession and a splash of red to continue the Twilight theme...

My take on the challenge...

My Obsession

Photography (+ scrapping) is my obsession (after my family of course!!!)

* the photo was taken as part of a 365 challenge (which I've failed dismally at - yet again **sigh** LOL) I was editing some images when this one was taken. It's my fave program to use for editing - lightroom!!!

* the "obsession" chippie has been painted with twinkling H2Os and then DM'ed over the top of. I love the way the paint has gone a blood red once the DM dried - just the effect I was after!!!


* there's lots of red in the LO

I hope you like - I do :) It's a different colour scheme than what I usually do - so a bit out of my comfort zone, but I think it came together ok :) Now I have 3 CC challenges for SBT50 to complete and I may have a go at another one or two scrapping outback challenges if I can find the time between now and Wed (when they are all due!!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Opening Night Challenge

Guess who also designed the sample LO/design for the SBT50 CC Opening Night Challenge :) Yep me!!! This is what I came up with... the requirements were it had to be smaller than 12x12 and had to include single notes...

This is only the 4th card I've ever made - this could get addictive!!!

I made the wire heart for a swap for SBT50, I removed the little hanging strand of beads that were in the centre of the heart and replaced it with a key charm from my2angels.


yes, my LO has been revealed for the first challenge of this months Cyber Crop over at Scrapbooking top 50 - you can see it HERE... or even better, how about here....


Yes, I still love it too ;)

The lyrics I've included are from a lullabye I've sung to all my children. It's from Alice in Wonderland - just as she's going into a dream sequence. I can't find the actual lyrics online though - but it was part of the musical we produced at the Ulverstone Repertory Theatre back in the mid 1990's (I can't recall the exact year sorry) I was a singing dancing bumble bee and had a solo line in this song :) it goes:

It's not a million miles away
in fact it's close at hand
all you do is close your eyes
and you're in Wonderland

It wont work if you think to hard
it's no good if it's planned
All you do is close your eyes
and you're in Wonderland

While the world is sleeping
you can travel far
ride upon a summer dream
or wish upon a winter star

it's not a million miles away
in fact it's close at hand
all you do is close your eyes
and you're in wonderland

all you do is close your eyes
and you're in wonderland

Now, I'm pretty certain there are other verses I've probably forgotten over time (hence doing a search for it) but unless I find the score we used that will do - and it's what I sing or sung to my brats :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It All Starts Tonight!!!!

Over at Scrapbooking Top 50 - the Cyber Crop is TONIGHT!!! woohoo!!! I can't wait!!!!

Soooooo one last sneaky peaky of my LO before all is revealed in the next few days :)

and I hope to be seeing some new faces as well as some gorgeous friends online tonight having a mountain of fun!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another Sneaky Peeky....

Hmmm what is this one of???

Haha - not giving much away am I LOL Still, I hope you like!!! BTW - I STILL love this LO :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's That Time!!!!

CYBER CROP TIME at scrapbooking top 50 - and I'm Guest Design Team Member!!!! woohooo!!!!

Come along and have a whole lot of FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

It's all happening HERE - no excuses now... just come and say HI! and see if you can keep up with us chatterboxes on chat - or if our challenges will get you humming along or even maybe a-rocking and a-rollin' (sorry I couldn't resist hahaha) Woohoo - soooo pumped for this one!!!

A Super Sneaky Peeky ;)

of my LO for the Scrapbooking top 50 Guest Design Team for the Sept Cyber crop...

It's only a super sneaky peeky - nothing too big otherwise all the suprise will be gone ;)

Personally I ADORE this LO. It's my current Fave - I'm loving every bit of it - yes for once I'm really proud of something I've done ;) It may not be that great in everyone elses eyes, but I really do love it...

Soooo enough talking, here's a sneaky peeky - oh and I might have a few more in the next few days if I feel like teasing you all a bit more ;)

Now the question is.... what is it? Is it the right way around, upside down, flipped, inverted, top or bottom???? :P and nopes - not telling ya mwahahahhaa

there's your sneaky peeky - I could be persuaded to put another one up soon....

More from Scraphappy Kat's Retreat and PRIZES!!!!!

Whilst at Scraphappy Kat's Retreat I succumbed to the 4am starts and was late to morning classes **slaps hand**!!! bad I know LOL So I ended up bringing home a pack from Pauly's class and have followed the destructions and finished a LO - It's not exactly what she had because I'm not doing the full 12 month review thing that she did - I don't really have photo's to go with it - so did something different ;) Here's what I came up with...

She'll Steal Your Heart


Scrappy mail today!!! I received a parcel from Kathie who is Scraphappy Kat's mummy (the one who owns, sweats, crys and bleeds for the bloggy group) with some gorgeous prizes for my challenge pack wins!!!! Soooo unexpected!!!! Here's what she sent me - oh so generous!!! Stoked is not a strong enough word (as my big boy says hehehee)

including the triple P's.... Pritt, Prima and PAPERS!!!! Love it - thankyou thankyou THANKYOU Kathie!!!! xxxxx