Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

Inspired by some of my favourite bloggy scrappers out there I've been looking through my albums and thought I might share what my pics of 2010 for my work are...

It's a really tough job to whittle your work down like this though - especially if you're like me and put your heart and soul into every LO.. I can still look at a LO and remember waht was either playing on TV, on itunes, cooking etc etc whilst I was creating it - but then I am rather odd like that at times ROFL

Not all these LO's are my faves as they're brilliant pieces of art - some of them simply because of the emotion behind the photo or some little memento etc on the LO.... I hope you like :)

in no particular order....


Single Blue Flower

My Big Boy

Happy Buzzy Bee

The Lake


He's a Bowler

Not Longer a Boy

The Christmas Kiss


And because I think Sue would threaten to disown me as a friend if I didn't include mention of this one.... LOL

Cake Smash

to PAD or not to PAD?

that is the question.....

The previous 2 years I've set myself challenges to take a photo a day. the first one lasted until March when I lost a good friend unexpectedly - and last year's kinda fizzled out when we moved into our new home and I was trying to organise my day to day life and - well, I know that's no excuse but it fizzled LOL

I have my camera out most times, but find the challenge of taking a GOOD photo a day really rewarding as I can look back and it's like a pictoral image of our life and how our children have grown....

I really want to do it again, but instead of challenging myself to a photo a day for the whole year I might take it as a month by month thing... It's not as scary that way LOL. With bubba due in the middle of the year I know I'll have a whole new realm of photographic inspiration from then - but can I make it to August??? Well let's work it out - 2009, made it to March... 2010 made it to May/June so August going on previous years experiences could just be feasible....

And if I have people here kicking my butt it's even more so :P

So whatcha think - can i do it... who's laying bets for me and who's laying bets against me??? And of course it means more piccies to scrap mwahhahaha!!!!

Okies... off to see what I can snap for todays picie ;) I'm kinda excited about this...

Oh next thing, separate blog or will a page tab above do hmmmmm.....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

I trust everyone had a spectacular Christmas Season - whether you celebrate Christmas or not it truly is a magical time of year :) We had a different one this year being that it is our first year away from family back in Tasmania. We didn't have any traveling or commitments other than a chat on skype so we had a rather relaxing day - even all my stress about getting the Christmas lunch feast together and edible at the same time was for nothing as it all simply worked :)

It looks like we've started a new family tradition for Christmas Eve... We drove the full 5 minutes from our house to a local cherry farm and picked our own cherries to top our pavlova with. It was a great afternoon - all be it hot (the in town weather thermometer said it was 34*C!!!)

and before we knew it it was time to swap our family presents on Christmas Eve - we do this so the children aren't too overwhelmed by the big day when Santa comes and spoils them (if they've been good enough) Everyone went to bed happy and excited for our big Christmas day...

And Christmas morning arrives, children all up and out of bed oohhing and ahhing all before 5am **yawn** I remember the excitement of Christmas morning as a child myself and I love that they are sharing that little bit of magical anticipation themselves :)

and as I mentioned earlier, after a chat on skype to family it was time to eat!!! And well, I kinda prepared too much LOL But then isn't that the Christmas way?? Chicken, ham and turkey with veggies, finished off with pavlova chocolate log cake and icecream - where's the pudding?? Well even now it's still in the fridge LOL We forgot about it!!! ROFL

So I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2011 as much as I am. It's going to be a great year - I just know it!!! 2010 was our year for change and 2011 is the year for us to start afresh and make a new beginning and start moving forward :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

From our house to yours :) I probably wont get a chance to be online much in the next 48 hours so I'll say it now :) I really do wish you all the very best of this joyous season - many laughs, hugs and in some cases happy tears :) It's a time to be making happy memories and remembering those that have came into (and in some sad cases left) our lives. Make the most of them, be merry, be happy and above all be safe!!!


From my happy (and growing family)

xxx Treens, Nathan, Aleksandir, Kahli, William, Domenik and *splodge* xxx

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well I decided that if the mojo isn't flowing as freely as I like then there could be a blockage - at the moment my biggest suspect is my bomb-site of a scrap room. Seriously there are bits and pieces everywhere, it's a dreadful mess so I've been cleaning and sorting and procrastination on cleaning and sorting.... Shocking aren't I LOL

So in trying to beat the procrastination ghosts away I am writing here in my blog furthering the procrastination (oh yes shameful!!!)

Seriously - this is a job that must be done, with all things worth doing preparation is something that needs to be done properly and with care, in my case this 'preparation' is for crafting in general.. and is sorting and cleaning and putting back into order my craft/scrap room

Wish me luck - hopefully I'll be back up for air in a few hours with something that looks semi-organised and workable!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Work in Progress....

I am in the progress on working on a book that will document the personal journey that I have been on this year. This year, as a lot of people know, has been a long one and one full of change for me. We've moved interstate, away from our family and friends and have begun a new life in a state I had never visited before. I have beat my demons of depression, we created a new life and then lost him/her before they were born... I re-kindled my passion for paper and hand crafts and most important of all I believe I found "me" again... This is something I feel needs to be celebrated and documented - so i can look back in years to come and see exactly where I turned the corner in my life, where things started to gel for me and how far we have come as a family as well as individuals...

So I conceived my journey journal...

It will have at least a double page for each month, I will add photo's, mementos and journalling to it... It is definitely a work in progress - but the front cover is completed... and ready to share :)

2010 - The Journey

I love this chippie frame. It's from Words or Whatever. It's such a great size for framing little details! And their chippies are so great to work with!!! this one has been painted and crackled ;)

The chippie butterfly signifies new life for me. It has gone through huge changes in it's life to reach this stage of ultimate freedom and beauty!

My little bee pin - I really love this!! Did you know a bumblebee isn't aerodynamically meant to be able to fly - yet it does!! It reminds me that all things are possible - even if others say it isn't possible

OTP's - a Virgin No More!!!

I did it - I did my first OTP (off the page)!!! And it was meant to be a gift, but I liked it so much i decided to keep it and whipped up a 'matching' frame that was used for the gift instead LOL - Hmm I hope the person receiving it doesn't mind if she reads my blog LOL

Anyhoo's, here it is.. it's a miniature canvas using paint, stamp, Tim Holtz Distress ink (walnut stain) Words or Whatever (check out their facebook page!!!) chippie birdcage and birdie, stickles, ribbon and flowers from My2Angels (which reminds me I have half an order I was working on there - I NEEEEED more star flowers!!!!!)

Stamped with Tim Holtz distress ink into wet paint to soften the efect

the Flower stems have been woven in and around the birdcage

I love using charms and ribbon!!!

the coils are made from offcuts from the flower stems - wound around my tailors awl that I use for poking holes in stuff - voila - perfect coil which matches the flower stems perfectly!!!

And here is the 'matching' frame I made... pretty much using the same materials and techniques...

yes, even a glittery parrot to match the glittery frame!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sorry according to the song is the hardest word, but it's one I seem to be saying lately!!!

Mostly due to lack of action. I've been sick - sick enough to turn up to the doctors and now be at the beck and call of radiologists and pathology vampires... Oh it's nothing serious - it will all work out in the end, but for the moment I'm a human pincushion and have a diary full of appointments from last week and well into the new year!!!

Once everything is confirmed and we're well on the way to getting things sorted and settled I should be ok to share a little of what is happening, but at the moment I've been struggling but am starting to get back on top of my life ;) This week I intend on catching up with things, next week will be starting to move forward again and the week after will be celebrating Christmas and making beautiful memories (well we try to do that every day but Christmas is something that little bit more magical!!!!)

So I'm sorry again for lack of action, communication, scrapping, creativity etc etc etc... I promise I WILL be back creating, sharing and posting soon ;) I'm a work in progress and at the moment a lot of work behind the scene is going on to get things back running at full steam again :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Daily's

are being added here - they aren't in my regular blog stream but in a tab just to the top of my blog here that says December Daily - it's being updated every day - feel free to have a looksee at what we're doing for each day in the run up to Christmas!!!

I have a few projects on the go at the moment and will post them here as soon as they're in a presentable stage hahaha - lets just say I'm no longer an OTP virgin!!! mwahahaha

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's on TONIGHT!!!

I've lots of goodies for sale, as do the other talented forum members - remember anyone is welcome to join in the fun!!!!

Here's a few more polymer clay cuties I created last night - yes this is a new addiction starting!!!! mwahahaha

They're all now sealed and ready to go!! I've decided to have them as semi-custom orders, meaning I will make them on demand to the colour specifications requested... It means I wont have a glut of completed items that don't sell ;)

Anyhoos, this there is a thunderstorm rolling around in our vicinity so should really switch the puter off to be safe ;)

Hope to see you at the market over the weekend!!!

As Promised.....

...the result of polymer clay meeting acetate :) I really love how this little bee has turned out :) I will however need to find some more veggies at the supermarket who come in the right textured trays or work out how to emboss my own acetate as my supplies of it is dwindling!!!!

But anyways, I tried to photograph these little cuties today but either the sun was out and spoiled the look of the acetate, the wind was blowing and dancing with my creations or the sun was hiding and it was too dark!!! Seriously the light didn't like me today!!!! So proper piccies will be taken tomorrow - after all these creations have had a nice dip in a sealant to make them all nice and shiny :) for now, here are the little critters :)

Bee Pin

Butterfly Pin - a
(Colour variations made on request also there will be a few different wing variations all going well ;))

Butterfly Pin - a
(Colour variations made on request also there will be a few different wing variations all going well ;))

And yes there are even MORE little critters being baked as we speak!!! Some feathered and winged friends as well as some little edible bits and pieces... I may get another sneak in before the market opens tomorrow - but if not you'll just have to head on over HERE or click on the banner below and check them all out for yourself!!!! :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Smells Like A.....

This Friday at SBT50 :) You can find it HERE - It'll be open from 5PM Dec 3rd and will run all weekend - but if you spy anything you like be quick to grab it in case it sells out!!!!

As for me, I've been creating my little bits and pieces again - some beaded others with my new addiction - sculpy!!!! And Yep they will ALL be available at the market!!! :) I'm really enjoying doing something a little different... It's keeping my mind occupied, hands busy and helping avoid the housework all in one ;)

Soooo here is what I have today... There will be more tomorrow - the light was bad by the time I finished putting the acetate to sculpy ;) But I'm soooo pleased with the result!!!!

But for today... (yes getting back on track).....

Beaded Angel
(was part of the Nov Swap on SBT50 as well)

Caterpillar Pin
(idea courtesy of Vicki - thanks babe :) )
Snail Pins
(Will be available in variety of colours)

Pigeon Pair 1 - Brown
(Also available in a variety of colours)

Pigeon Pair 2 - Pink/Yellow
(Also available in a variety of colours)

And as I said... more to be revealed tomorrow :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Creativity Fun :)

I've not scrapped since last week - yeah yeah, totally SLACK!!! I still have a LO to photograph properly and upload - it's using those gorgeous pretty petals tissue flowers - but each time I go to photograph them it comes out with shadows, and that really bugs me LOL Perfectionist to the end hahaha I might see what I can whip up for the last day of the SBT50 monthly challenges tonight... I've got a couple of LO's half done for them, but getting it finished has proven to be difficult in and around this mixed up month November has proven to be!!!!

So what have I done recently that crafty????


I played with sculpy years ago - I can;t even remember what I did way back then, but I thought with a Christmas swap that i might pull out something different and have a go at making something again... and this is what I came up with - not the best piccies, but they look pretty good IRL :) I'm going to create some more bits and pieces for the SBT50 craft market that is happening this Friday as well :)

Christmas Tree Pins

(these are to go on a banner - well that's the plan!!!)

Candy Cane Pins

I've so many ideas buzzing around my head for these... Not sure if they'll all come together but can only try hey ;) Lets see if sculpy and acetate can go together... Hmmm have you thinking now ..... ROFL

Friday, November 26, 2010

No Excuses...

but it's going to sound like one...

This last few weeks have been ridiculously stressful and emotional for me. My daughter has been having a LOT of issues at school and it's now got to the point where I've had to pull her out of school for the rest of the year. So I apologise for not being very active here - this is all on top of my being ill for two weeks as well!

BUT - now that decisions have been made regarding my children and I'm feeling better (if not stressed to the hilt!!!) I should be able to get back into the saddle of scrapping, creating and having a whole lot of fun and be a sharing kind of gal again :)

Look out world - she's on the search for her mojo and wont be taking any prisoners on the hunt for it ;)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Who said Flowers are Only for Girls???

Not I - actually with a combination of 4 males in the family and an addiction to flowers I think I have no choice but to flower my boys up LOL

This LO is for the LSBS Seasoned Scrapper series...

Week 6 - S.P.R.I.N.G
presented by:Kerryn

challenge requirements:

* Use a technique, brand or product to represent each letter of the word "Spring"

I had a gorgeous shabby chic layout in the making - all creams and whites, but then a rambunctious 2 year old thought he'd have a go adding black paint to it - all over!!! totally ruined!!! So this is what I came up with in the 1 hour I had between calming down and starting to breath again and deadline ;)

S - staples and stitching
P - Patterned Paper
R - Ribbon
I - Ink
N - Negative Space
G - Grunge

Diablo Dommy

See the gorgeous tissue flower there? It's a Pretty Petals one!!! I've brushed over it with a mixture of 25% acid free glue and 75% water and then sprinkled over some diamond dust - I really love the effect!! I'll try to get a better pic of it and edit it in here so you can see just how it sparkles :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SBT50 November Cyber Crop

Well it wasn't a good one for me... Having 2 weeks out with illness didn't help - considering the CC runs for 2 weeks I didn't give me that long to pull anything together - but I did!!!

I was able to complete the Mini challenge that I've already posted and 2 other LO's (one in a mad rush to make the groups full enough for voting - but it was done none the less!!!)

Challenge 2 - Recycle It
presented by Vicki

challenge requirements

* create a layout from recycled products from in and around your home! Your layout does not need to be made entirely from recycled products, but if you can, go for it!!

here is my LO :)

No Longer a Boy, Not Yet a Man




Challenge 4 - A Day In The Life
presented by Sue

challenge requirements

* scrap a LO about "A Day in the Life" of someone (or something)
* 2 or more photos
* inking
* chipboard (other than alphas)

New Birthday Fun

This LO was pulled together from start to finish in under 1.5 hours. For SBT50 to be able to have their LO's judged there needs to be a certain number of LO's in the gallery - we were one short!!! So I messaged Vicki not to come online until midday to give us time to fill all the groups (which she obliged hahahaa) and voila - this LO was born!!! it covers all the criteria, and I think it's pretty good for a pull together ;) LOL

4 piccies, banner is chippie as well as inked and the theme is the day that Dommy learned how to become a birthday boy :) it didn't take him long to get the knack of being spoilt ROFL