Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Sneaky Page, A Mini-Tute and Several Plugs....

So who wants to see a page from the "Waiting for You" album?? The album itself is a MDF product from Words or Whatever WOW - and it comes pre-drilled ready for putting together, but I decided I wanted to change mine - so have covered the pre-drilled holes and will be joining it at a paw and an ear instead of at the top of the two ears... If you check out the album at THIS LINK you'll see what I mean about it being pre-drilled at the top of the ears ;) And I hope you don't think I sound like too much of a nutter!!! LOL Don't forget that Words or Whatever are a wholesale distributor - if you want their products (and I know you will) you need to get your local scrapping or craft store to contact them and order it in for you if they aren't already enlightened enough to be stocking their wonderful products :)

Now as I said, I can only share part as it's a work in progress, but the page I am sharing today is beautifully complimented by a Pretty Paper Petal's Coloured Storybook Flower which I have done a super simple enhancement on further down the page. I hope you like it!

"My Wishful Dreams for You"
OTP Bear Album

It's a basic papering technique that I've used to cover the MDF page with. It's simply pink cardstock adhered to the surface with a simple acid free glue and then trimmed to the edges of the MDF page with a craft knife. I've then inked the edges, glimmer misted the surface with pearl GM and then laid on and adhered the lace and embelishments with double sided tape.

Dragonfly charms come from Tracy at the My2Angels online store

the Hand dyed lace was purchased from Sue at Lovelybugs Bits n Bobs

the journalling is a portion of a poem I thought mirrors my wishes for our new little girl,
it reads:
I Wish For You
Comfort on difficult days,
Rainbows to follow clouds'
Laughter to kiss your lips,
Sunsets to warm your heart,
Gentle hugs when spirits sage
Friendship to brighten you,
Beauty for your eyes to see'
Confidence for when you doubt,
Faith so you believe,
Courage to know yourself
I Wish You Enough


So, the flower doesn't look all that different from a regular PPP Storybook Flower does it - well take a closer look....

See the little sparkles dancing on the petals?? It's an incredibly simple enhancement - and I mean S.I.M.P.L.E!!!!

I'm sure most people have tried gluing glitter or the likes to the petals on flowers and discovered how difficult it can be - not getting the glitter any further than the edge of the petals and how messy the glue (and whole project) gets in particular. So, this is an alternative. Instead of glue use clear varnish/sealant spray!!! I purchased a can of this clear 'paint' from spotlight months ago and it lasts forever!!!

Now when I say it's simple, I really mean it...

Step 1 - put your flower onto a surface that wont be damaged if it get's sprayed. I've opened up an old pizza box.

Step 2 - Spray the flower you are wishing to enhance.

Step 3 - sprinkle glitter over the top.

And voila - flower completed!!! The varnish/sealant dries super quickly, it's clear and no one would even know that you had glued the little sprinkles of glitter on - they appear to be sitting ever so delicately onto your petals - but in fact the are stuck fast!!! If you want to be doubly certain the glitter will stay in place a light top coat of varnish/sealant will do the job ;)

Told you it was simple!!!!

The complete 'Waiting for You" OTP album will be featured on the Words or Whatever WOW blog in the first week in May - I really am thrilled with the way it has come together in the end (despite pulling it apart a few times LOL - one of the beauties of working with MDF - it can take a beating!!!!) and can't wait to show it to the world :)

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