Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why did I click that???

Becci, I blame YOU!!!!!

**sigh** there are SO many online stores filled with the most tempting fabric and Becci has introduced me to yet another... This one I've found the most delightful trims and ribbons I have no choice but to purchase to make some beautiful headband and accessories etc for my girls and for photo props **sigh**

Beach Vintage is the blog, Fabric Traders is their shop!!! They are currently running a special offer/give-away!!! Be one of the first 50 to blog about their new shop and telling people about your favourite fabric and you can win a suprise fabric pack!!! So I'm up for a chance at a game of "fastest finger" as the case may be ;)

So on perusal of the many pages of fabric I've finally drenched my crafty bib with drool and fallen in love with so much stuff (those ribbons - I must get me, no my daughters some!!!!) but my absolute fave fabric is one I could use for trims or as a feature piece, it is called "Pretty Butterflies Grey by Alexander Henry" I love the muted colours against the black background :)

It's natural beauty, soft and pretty with the ability to blend but still strong enough to stand alone if need be :)

Soooo want a peek at the ribbons I've fallen in love with as well??? Here one is...

Imagine this as the top of a headband, held on the head with a back elastic and soft run of felt under the ribbon to help the science of friction hold it in place.... Ahhh sooo pretty!!!

Anyhoos, this isn't getting the housework done (thanks Becci :P) so better run now I've blogged, drooled and avoided the housework for yet another 20 minutes ROFL

And go check Beach Vintage or Fabric Traders out!!! And if your credit card or bank account become a little bruised in the process don't blame me, we can all thank Becci for inviting us to click the link!!!!

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