Thursday, May 19, 2011

2 Weeks - Really?!?!

Wow, Time sure has flown since I last posted here!!! I can't say I've been the most productive little beaver out there of late... It seems little Aerynn has taken my mojo and has been using it to grow bigger and stronger - I don't mind sharing, but she's been a bit of a hog... that's got to change!!! Mummy's going to start setting the rules methinks!!! LOL

Anyhoos, In the meantime i've ironed out some things with Australia Post, designed a few new little bits and pieces for Treens Trinkets and decided that I'm mostly going to concentrate on TT and my DT work for the next few months until Aerynn arrives and we settle into our new adventure with her :) No pressure in other words!!! I'll participate in an online challenge or three, but not pressure myself with completing too many deadlines in regards to those (they're meant to be fun afterall, not a stress-pile at the end of each month!!! ) and do whatever the crafty whim leads me to do :) Hmmm relaxing - something I'm not very good at, but am going to work hard at working it out and doing it right!!!! :)

LOL I mean only a perfectionist control freak would be worrying about getting the art of 'relaxation' right hey bahahaha

So with that I sign off, I have a craft/scrap room that desperately needs some attention after being sick for a week (awful head cold grrr) and my family deciding as the door could be shut that it was the appropriate place to use as a dumping ground (yeah thanks for that guys!!!!)

BTW, I'm planning on having monthly or fortnightly (whichever I can fit in with my relaxation schedule (what an oxymoron that sentence is bahaha)) stockings on Treens Trinkets with a proper opening coming up - look out for it before the end of this month!!!! :)

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