Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Might Still Have It!!!!

The ability to do a decent enough LO to take out a scrapping challenge that is!!!! I received notification yesterday that my Bee LO won a prize in the challenge on Red Earth Scrapping!!! Yay!!! Considering it was my first proper LO in soooo long I'm really thrilled with that!!! :) I'm still easing my way back into scrapping and the scrappy world, I'm taking it one thing at a time ;) I've been looking around for little challenges that pique my interest and things that I don't feel pressured to have to complete 3-4 LO's in a set amount of time... taking it REALLY easy :)

a Winning Lo!!!

I have completed another LO and a card of sorts **gasp** yes a card - I'm working out that I'm not very good at cards hahhaa Anyways they were both for the Red Earth Road Trips first week.. I did it!!! LOL They're by no means my best work - actually a little different than what I'd normally do, but completed, another photo from the pile scrapped and I know that in good time I'll be shaking my head wondering what on earth I was thinking of when I did the LO hehe

RERT - Week 1 - COWRA

So this week we 'visited' Cowra. The challenge elements for this LO were based on Cowra being renowned for its Peace Bell, its Centre of World Friendship and the Japanese Gardens and links with Japan. We were to create a LO incorporating something that represents Peace of Friendship and they were to include the word "peace" or "friendship" in the title.

My LO is a photo from when I did a shoot for a friend/client back when I was portfolio building and working towards starting a business in photography (on the backburner at the moment for obvious reasons.. baby, time, lack in clients etc etc) Dommy was sitting playing, I think he was still in leg casts at the time so really restricted in what he could do and the little boy I was going to be working with came over to play with him. I love the body language in this photo, it's like he's saying "I'll be your friend and here for you" sooo sweet!!!

This is What Friendship is All About

Under the bulldog clip is some naked and inked WOW chippie border... You know you must have chippie on all layouts ;) (coming from someone who didn't even know what chipboard embies etc were 12 months ago!!!!) Part of the challenge with the RERT is to locate a 'bonus' item to place on the LO. RES had mini kits made up that included the bonus items required (or you can use bits that you already have at home) - it is the participants job to work out from the clues which one is needed!!! This weeks clue was "Solid, strong and malleable... etched with the symbol of hope" It's the little metal embellishment with the dove on it - very sweet don't you think :)

Anyhoos, it's a side step to the work I usually do, I'm not sure if it's a style I will work with much, but I gave it a go ;)

And for the card.....

We were to create any type of card and include some style of Japanese origami. For my card I chose to make the whole thing out of origami! Well it's a card which is an envelope which is really a wallet/gift card holder... Anyways, here's what I did...

inside are little pockets where you can include up to 3 gift cards! I've used one of the childrens library cards to illustrate how the gift card goes inside.. So it's a car, and envelope and a gift all folded up into one... The way it is folded will allow it to sit up like a card as well!!! A little something different all around ;)

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