Friday, February 11, 2011

And that other LO and sneaky I hinted at.....

Here they are :) I thought I'd better put it up before I forgot again (grrr baby brain!!! LOL) So here we go....

Vicki's Sketch Challenge

challenge requirements:
* Follow Sketch
* Have lots of journalling
* include at least 2 heart

Perfect Day

yes, a rare photo of me - oh and Nathan with hair!!! LOL So, can you see the hearts??? I'll give you a hint, they're in the form of word charms.... still can't see them???? I'll put you out of your misery...

Look down in the bottom right hand corner...
can you feel the 'love'???

And again nestled in amongst the flowers......

Yeah, it's not that much journalling compared to what I usually do, but it's more than the stock standard date and place ;) And boy was there more I could add if I hadn't ran out of space ROFL


And Super sneaky peek at a secret whispers Lo ;)

Sssssshhhhhh they're super secret!!!!!


  1. that LO! It probably wasn't funny at the time, but at least it was memorable! Especially love the flowers and bling on this! :-)