Friday, February 11, 2011

It's been a while....

yet again... LOL Slack yeah, but this time I do have a legitimate excuse - I had a mad rush panic about a rental inspection that was put off 3 times **sigh** All doneded now though ;) Oh and I also kinda had a disagreement with a bee and had a bad reaction to it.. I ended up having a couple of days totally out of things with coping with the reaction and then drugs given to me to combat the reaction - ahh the joys of being pregnant - means that a lot of 'easier' non-sedating drugs are off the prescription pad!!!! LOL All coming good now - and that means I've SCRAPPED!!!!

I thought I'd start with some monthly challenges - there's a few around at the moment, it seems everyone is coming out of their Christmas and New Year stupors and getting challenges up and running!!! I figure if I spend a week on finishing monthlies at SBT50, then their CC (which incidentally is on THIS MONDAY!!!! then I still have a week and a bit to finish the ones I've got planned for LSBS and RES!!! With February being a short month I might find myself needing to drop one lot of monthlies this time around, but so far my (evil) plan is working ;) mwahahhaa

So what do I have to show you???? I have 2 of the monthly SBT50 challenges photographed and ready to go (I've also got the secret squirrel stuff, I'll see if I can get a sneak peek happening tomorrow ;) ) I've completed a 3rd of the SBT50 challenges and should hopefully finish the 4th tomorrow ;) sooooo.... here we go!!!!

1) Sue's Technique Challenge

challenge requirements:
* Handmade Title
* Page Border
* Flourish

He's Our 'Lil Boxer

I ADORE this photo of Dommy :) he loves playing in the old packing boxes so when I saw the challenge was to create our own handmade title I thought it would be PERFECT!!!

The title is made from corrugated card, there are flourishes and the page border is simply cutting lightly around the cardboard that the page has been created on and tearing off the top layer to reveal the corrugated insides :)

Owl stick pin made by moi, chippie flourishes have simply need covered in a light layer of diamond stickles.. Think they're the most technical things on the page LOL

Journalling Reads : "Domdles, You love playing in the old packing boxes :) Your imagination allows you to be an astronaut or car racer a jack-in-the box or anything you can dream up :)"

We Dare You!

challenge requirements:
* Edge Punching or tearing
* Red is the Dominant Colour
* Fabric or Lace
* Include some shimmer (can include bling, metal, mirror etc)

You Light Up Our World

This is Dommy at the Carols by Candlelight last year. He kept stealing everyone's candles and then throwing them into the garden and finding them by their light ;)

1. Edge punch or tearing - Yep check out the red photo matting ;)
2. Dominant colour RED - Check :)
3. Fabric (can be lace / embellishment / any type of fabric) - Lace doily and strip are included
4. Something 'shimmery' (bling / metal / mirror) - Alpha's are glittery and there is some tinsel thread around the embie clusters - oh and bling brads in the top right hand corner :)

Journalling reads : "Dom, You loved the candles from Carols! You'd throw them in the garden and then race to find them"


  1. GORGEOUS treens!!! your layouts are just stunning XOXO Charmane

  2. Thanks Charm :) I wish I felt as confident with my work as you are LOL

  3. You should be confident Treens, your work is gorgeous! Always! Such beautiful memories, beautifully presented.

  4. Loved all your work in the crop this month Treens . But particularly love the Boxer layout! Its so unique and clever and the photo of Dommy so cute.
    Keep up the great work!