Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Secret Sneaky Stuff....

Yeps - onto some super secret sneaky stuff at the moment - it's called Scrap Whispers and it's found on SBT50... I'm bad this time around though - I have been badly effected by what is commonly known as 'baby brain' Meaning that I forget things sooo easily it-s rather embarrassing!!!!

So - I'm late in getting my super sneaky layout completed - but it's going to be handed on tonight ;)

Oh and to combat baby brain I'm making myself a white board where I can put all my commitments and deadlines so I don't have to admit to being forgeful again - oh it's soooooooooo NOT like me to forget things like this!!! Anyone who knows me well knows my memory is usually water tight - I swear baby brain must get worse with each baby LOL It's a cumulative effect ;) hahaha

Sooo off to create - I might get some super sneaky sneaks uploaded too ;)

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