Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tossing Up an Idea....

I'm thinking I may have a lot more time on my hands now the kids are heading back to school and trying to work out exactly what to do with it... I wasn't sucessful at the DT possie I tried out for (more about that in a latter post) and Dommy will nap most of the day away with his routine so will have a few hours a day to while away on a whim.... Soooooo I've been tossing up an idea....

Well really it's been there for a little bit...

Long enough that I've actually locked in a blog address and checked business registry details (Ahhh the ATO never leaves ones blood mwahahhaa) and business name etc etc

What is this idea???

Well it's to sell some of my handmade creations via a blog and then if all goes well into an etsy type of store...

Anyhoos - It's still an idea - I thought I might put it out here to see what others though :)

BTW - here are some pins I made last night - boy themed... I'm not 100% certain if I'll be doing the craft market at SBT50 this Friday, but if I do they will be available there :)

BTW - some of these pins are prototypes and have a LOT of refining before I'll be happy with the final design ;)


  1. Oh my gosh, they are so cute!!! I love the little lego men!

  2. They are gorgeous Kat. I really must get too and make a heap of cards to then try and sell. Need to try and recoup some of what I've laid out for stuff lol.

  3. Gorgeous new pins Treens. I say go for it!

  4. DO IT!!! And what's this about no Crafters Market??? *tsk, tsk*
    btw - used one of your bird pins on a LO last night, it's on my blog! XXX

  5. Omg Treens they are sooo cute! I love them! You have to do the market I need some.
    I used a pin on a SBT50 challenge the other day. Love it.