Friday, July 30, 2010

Ready to go!!!

I've got things here reasonably set up and ready to go.. I'm hoping to get a final challenge done for SBT50 this afternoon but and pretty much against it with the kids, so might sort this blog out instead... I'll see what happens once they've finished munching away on their lunches!!

I've got some posts ready to go - these are of the last few months scrapbooking challenges I've done for SBT50. They'll appear in chronological order if I've done the set up correctly here, so from here on in everything should be ordered and submitted as they're completed **touch wood**

HOPEFULLY I will have the competition and crop pages managed so new ones are being added as they are found and old ones are deleted as they finish - that is if I stay on top if it all - what are the odds ROFL. Anyhoos... off to toss another log on the fire and see if the brats will allow me to get some scrapping done!!!

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