Monday, October 11, 2010

LSBS October 2010 Cyber Crop

Well... I started with the best of intentions, but didn't get all the challenges done - not even the kids got theirs done!!! I even crashed out on the girls at the SBT50 CC launch party and had planned to go out with a bang today/night finishing the LSBS CC challenges but in the end am watching a baby boy who decided he would pick a fight with a bee - and he lost :(

On the positive I got 3 challenges completed :) Hey, no mean feat in 2 days for me ;) on top of the family one for Sweet Life Scrapbooking ;) See the mojo is flowing - oh and I've got all my monthlies planned out for SBT50 to work on once I have the CC under control there :) Soooo these are the challenges and LO's I completed for the LSBS CC for October 2010.

Challenge 2: Journalling

presented by Belle :)

challenge requirements :

* scrap 2 photos, then, and now, of someone you love (and as always, the furry ones count).
* journal somewhere on your layout about what this growth/process means to you.

Continue to Fly

This LO is about my son's journey to be who he is today. When he was little it was discovered he had multiple contact and food allergies and acute anaphylaxis to several foods, he also had multiple food protein intolerance syndrome - basically what he wasn't allergic to his body was intolerant to. The journalling says it all pretty much...

"My Dearest William,

I still remember that unbelievable feeling when your paediatrican told me at your two year old health check that she hadn’t expected you to make it. It was a combination of shock, fear and pride. To see you there, defying the odds was a feat in itself. Wil, you were a medical conundrum. You were so allergic to certain foods even being in the room with someone who handled that food earlier in the day could cause you to anaphylax. What ever food you were not allergic to you were intolerant to!!! I couldn’t breastfeed you because you’d even react to the food that I ate!! In the end it was a special formula called neocate that kept you alive and growing.

When you were four months old your dad and I had to learn how to draw up your adrenaline with a syringe and practice injecting oranges should we ever need it to save your life – that is one thing we have never had to do thank goodness!!!

At six months old (pictured here) you had to be hospitalised and weaned onto rice and pears. Your confused little body had reacted to every previous attempt to tolerate these foods… it was a long hard week but we got you there in the end.

To see you today, running around and a big torment to your siblings is remarkable. You’re such a unique little man. You are incredibly cheeky and such a dare devil – you’ve come such a long way from this little boy we had to have weighed and measured every month because he had stopped growing or because you had reacted to a different food…

William you’ve a special place in this world. You have a reason to be on this earth… Don’t ever forget this. You are definitely one in a million… You’ve been given the opportunity to grow and learn and share this journey with us. Never forget how truly special you are, how far you have come and despite the odds you are still here!! So my dear boy, grow strong, be proud and…
Continue to Fly"

Challenge 4: Step by Step Technique

presented by Nicole :)

challenge requirements:

* To have a minimum of 3 leaves on your layout made with the featured technique
* use at least 3 different patterned papers! The papers can be from the same range/brand, just so long as they are different patterns.

Autumnal Fun

Challenge 5: DT Free Choice

presented by Tracy :)

challenge requirements:

* So my choice is to use one or more of the Flower Tutorials that the DT have been showcasing lately and use some of these flowers on your layout.
* scrap either about your garden or a favorite garden you like to visit or maybe a garden you admire or maybe even a garden you wish you had.

My LO is about Domenik in my mums garden. Most of the plants here have been grown from cuttings from other family members gardens so lots of memories and friendships commemorated here was well. We would have all family get togethers in this garden, Christmas, Easter, birthdays - the lot!!! Always with a BBQ and all the rellos.... The kids really miss playing in Nanny's garden now we're interstate - we will be back for a play, maybe not tomorrow but soon...

Nanny's Garden
I've added some very special Pretty Petals
tissue flowers to the embie cluster, a
handmade by moi bottle top and
some charms from my2angels :)

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