Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Seasoned Scrapper...

is a weekly challenge that is on LSBS. It's just started for Spring - if you're interested head on over HERE for a looksee and sign up for some awesome fun!!!!

Today was the final day for uploads for the first weeks challenges - the theme was

Week 1: Treasures

Challenge requirements:

* Choose a subject that you consider to be a treasure.
* Use a little treasure on your page - something sentimental, or something that was long lost but got found.

My Hidden Treasure
The Letter
The Reverse (spelling list)
Bottle Top is handmade by moi :)

My LO is about a letter Kahli slipped into my wallet without me realising until my DH, Domenik and I were in WA for a friends wedding March last year. It's such a special piece of paper for me, this is the first time it's been out of my wallet (except when I've been reading/holding it) since I discovered it... I love that she did this - it's a real treasure for me Smile Put together using materials from the Scrapbook Nook kit for July 2010 featuring Sassafrass Lass papers.

The journalling (which is a mess, Kids interrupting, bumping and being pains whilst I was trying to write augh!!) reads:

"When Nathan, Dom and I went to Kalgoorlie for Ben and Paula's wedding on March 19th 2009 I found Kahli had slipped this letter into my wallet. On the back is her spelling list!!

Through the tough times with her I would often get it out and realise she really is a sweet little things despite it all"

PS: Kahli throws the most shocking temper tantrums and is currently being investigated for being on the autism spectrum (her older brother has aspergers so it's a strong possibility) hence the last paragraph.

Hope you like Smile I loved completing this challenge - it made me think but in the end it's come together as a very special LO for me Smile


  1. heart warming. What a beautiful thing for her to do and for you to document. Well done!The LO is awesome too.

    Scrapbook Nook hey???? I subscribe to them too, but I started in Sep and only got Sep/Oct on Friday!!! Cant wait to play with the kits...they look AMAZING!!

  2. Thanks Nadia :)

    Yeah, I LOVE my nook kits!! I just had a bulk shipment because they had some issues with international CC's... all fixed now and I'm LOVING playing with them ;)