Friday, October 22, 2010

The Seasoned Scrapper - Spring - Week 2

Well the second week of the LSBS Seasoned Scrapper "Spring" has just about come to an end and my Layout has been uploaded and explained and ready for criticism, love, envy whatever you wish to throw at it in the LSBS gallery... Either that or you can see it here - and again criticise, love or envy it from here (no idea why anyone would envy but it sounded right LOL)

Week 2: Sunny Babies

Challenge Requirements :

* Scrap a baby photo taken out in the sun
* Use Flowers

Here is my LO - please note I simply HATE my handwriting here - but it was what I wanted, and once on a little bit hard to take off ;)

Happiness Is...

The baby is my Domenik when he had just turned 1. He's in the garden enjoying the sunshine with our cat Portia Smile I was rather addicted to dressing him in little Noo outfits LOL sad eh - but he is just too cute!! LOL

The flowers have had diamond stickles put on their petals to lift them and allow them to be moulded a little and I've sewn the stems and leaves. The banner was made from chippie I've covered with PP and I've painted the chippie "happiness" with twinkling H2O's.

The phrases I have written are in answer to "happiness is..."

*flowers dancing in the wind
*baby hugs and giggles,
*new life and starting over
*ladybugs and butterflies
*warm kisses from the sun
*rain on hot red dirt
*the scent of freshly mown grass
*sunshine and fluffy clouds and


  1. good job! I think the handwriting looks good. The whole layout is beautiful as is the photo. Love the banner too!

  2. Thanks Nadia - you know if it was someone elses writing I'd be ok with it - it's just that it's mine LOL I'm the same with photo's... Give me a photo to scrap, no matter how good or bad - so long as it doesn't have my face in it ROFL

  3. Ohhh I love that photo and I love the way you have scrapped it. Very, very cute! xoxo