Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Craft Room... ALMOST ready for action!!!

This is a room all just for me, I can shut the door on the world and sit back and check out what's happening on different sites, I can shop or I can create - whatever takes my fancy - it's MY SPACE and I'm starting to like it more than when it was first offered to me ;)

Sooooo... yesterday I almost busted a boiler pulling an old wardrobe (by old I mean weighing a tonne and prone to possibly falling apart if I tortured it too long!!!) into the house from the back of our shed (which is huuuuge - mum calls it an aeroplane hanger!!) So I now have STORAGE Wahoo!!! yeah I can hear you all say "picture please" It's coming!!!

I really did too much pulling this in myself.. It must have been a funny site me walking the HUGE monstrosity onto an old packing box and then half dragging half pulling it into the house ROFL - oh my poor kids - I think they were more terrified though than laughing at me LOL And to punish me further I've woken with a horrid headache today that fades in and out - I'm hoping it disappears real soon because I want to CREATE!!!

But the wardrobe's in - and she's filling up fast - but I have BENCH-SPACE wahoo!!!!

I know, a cupboard and a room wouldn't send most people into raptures - I'm not most people, I think I'm slightly un-hinged but then aren't most creative people anyways!?!?!?!

Sooooo excuse the un-vaccummed floor, the little fingerprints on the walls and the still yet uncleaned benches... but here's some pics of my craft space :) It's not much at the moment, but I have GRAND ideas ;)

The room - it's not too big, but it's mine (can you see me rubbing my hands together in a MR Burns kinda way??? LOL) And it-s a green blanket over my chair in case you were wondering - it's there so I can wrap myself up if I get too chilly - and Domenik loves to hide under the chair and use it as a cubby ;)

and here is all my hardwork from yesterday paying off....

hahaha empty pizza boxes and all ROFL

So there ya go, this is my space - I love it and I plan on making it more personalised and warmer as I start to venture off into starting some OTP's and getting myself properly organised :)

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  1. Awesome! It's so exciting to get your own room isn't it.
    Was hard for me to show my excitement when I got mine as it was because our eldest moveed out (rather abruptly and not so nice for any of us) that I got it.
    I loe it now. Just wish it was with the rest fo the house with a baby gateonit so I can be in there and watch the kids at the same time.
    Oh well, must be off to buy that lotto ticket...