Sunday, November 7, 2010


Have you ever done a LO that you're not happy with... It's not a case of simply not being happy with it but I just can't work out why or how to fix it!!! It'll probably come to me tomorrow - after the challenge deadline **doh** I honestly think a combination of exhaustion, sick kids (yes Dommy's unwell and the older kids are saying they're not well too **sigh**) and ever looming deadline got to me on this one....

its for the LSBS Seasoned Scrapper. It's week 4 and I'm loving the weeky challenges - but this one stumped me a little...

Week 4: Trick or Treat
Presented by: Tara

challenge requirements:
* Use the words Trick or Treat in your title
* Must NOT be Halloween LO

Trick or a Treat?

Sooo, I had one idea but on re-reading the requirements of having Trick or Treat in the title not the journalling that was quickly laid to rest. Then I found this piccie of the kids and thought it would be perfect!!! So this is my LO... I still can't quite put my finger on what I don't like about it!!!

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