Thursday, November 4, 2010

I've Done It!!!

Remember a while back i was tossing up if to follow the prompts I'd been receiving and apply for dome DT positions... Well I've done it!

I was super suprised and stoked when I got the Pretty Petals DT (and have just received my first pack of GORGEOUS flowers so expect to see some of them soon) and would love to do some more work that compliments them so thought that I may as well go for it ;)

I'm not expecting much but as I've said with the comps etc that you've got to be in it to win it" so here I am - putting myself out to see what happens again :)

I know there's a LOT of stiff competition out there for this kind of stuff so I'm not holding my breath... especially when I look around and find myself in awe at some other peoples work - I'm still trying to find my own style - but then I guess that can be a positive in a way as I can still be moulded ;) And am willing to try just about anything LOL

Anyhoos... I'd better go get something done - I wanted to put this here in answer to the old post I did so if anyone was wondering then you know that I've gone and doneded it :)

Wish me luck!!!


  1. I must of missed something. Which DT are you on and which one are you applying for? Good luck with it. Hugs.

  2. LOL Ant - not telling which one's I'm applying for yet hahaha That way I wont be too embarrassed/disappointed if/when I don't get them :P And I was selected to be on the Pretty Petals dt - there's a link to the right here on my page, or you can find their blog here: Facebook here: etsy store here:

  3. Come on you...spill it!!! What have you got your eye on??? I am intrigued now!!! :-p But good luck with whatever it is! XXX

  4. Hahhaa now that WOULD be telling now wouldn't it Sue ROFL

    Thanks for the good luck - I think I might need it - had another browse of blogs last night and wow there's some talent out there!!!