Friday, November 5, 2010

Lookeee Here :)

I'm selling some of my beaded beauties as semi customs in the SBT50 Craft market that is running this weekend - yes the whole weekend!!!! If you jump on over there and have a look you'll find some really REALLY gorgeous homemade goodies made by us girlies there - and it's happening every month!!! The idea of this isn't to make a HUGE profit - it's to share and share and get our talents out there - so don't be afraid to look, the prices might just suprise you!!! (and they make great secret santa gifts or Christmas pressies too ;))

So what are semi customs? Well you select the item you want, say it be a spider, or bee, or butterfly etc etc and you customise the colours you want them made up to!!!

yes, that IS a beaded red back spider!!!!

I'm doing the same for my vintage bottle tops - you can choose from dictionary and book prints, crossword puzzles or even dictionary definitions!!! Let me know what you want and I'll make it all up for you....

I also have a HUGE range of regular and limited edition bottle tops up for grabs too - so if you're not keen to make your own but love something a little different come on over and see what's available!!!

BUT you need to go onto SBT50 to have a good look around and order via there ;) Have fuuuuunnnn - and don't hide the wallet - let them open and spend forth mwahahaha

oh and don't forget to have a good look around and see what the other girls have on offer as well LOL Lots of crochet goodness, doilies, flowers, lollipops - rather than pop it all here it really is best to pop over and have a looksee..... :P

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