Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Creativity Fun :)

I've not scrapped since last week - yeah yeah, totally SLACK!!! I still have a LO to photograph properly and upload - it's using those gorgeous pretty petals tissue flowers - but each time I go to photograph them it comes out with shadows, and that really bugs me LOL Perfectionist to the end hahaha I might see what I can whip up for the last day of the SBT50 monthly challenges tonight... I've got a couple of LO's half done for them, but getting it finished has proven to be difficult in and around this mixed up month November has proven to be!!!!

So what have I done recently that crafty????


I played with sculpy years ago - I can;t even remember what I did way back then, but I thought with a Christmas swap that i might pull out something different and have a go at making something again... and this is what I came up with - not the best piccies, but they look pretty good IRL :) I'm going to create some more bits and pieces for the SBT50 craft market that is happening this Friday as well :)

Christmas Tree Pins

(these are to go on a banner - well that's the plan!!!)

Candy Cane Pins

I've so many ideas buzzing around my head for these... Not sure if they'll all come together but can only try hey ;) Lets see if sculpy and acetate can go together... Hmmm have you thinking now ..... ROFL


  1. These are soooo cute!! Love them :-)

  2. They are very cute - can't wait to get mine....hehehe!

  3. thanks guys :) I loved making them too - new addiction coming on!!!