Saturday, November 20, 2010

Time to Brag???

LOL well, at least to have a round up of prizes I've won recently yaayy!!!

I've had success with both SBT50 and LSBS :)

SBT50 First.....

October 2010 - Monthly Dare challenge winner :)

prize of a RAK :)

October 2010 Cyber Crop - Ant's "I Made It Myself" challenge winner :)

prize: $25 shopping voucher for Scrapbooking Haven

...and for LSBS

The seasoned scrapper season 4 has been pretty good for me so far :)

week 1: Honourable Mention

Week 2: Winner!!!!!

prize: a $10 LSBS shop voucher

Week 3: a day late with entry - but I LOVE the LO so will share again :)

Week 4: Honourable Mention

Week 5: Honourable Mention

I really need to work out a way to turn those HM's into wins there eh LOL But it's great to have my work acknowledged and held in high regard :)

So that's it with winning updates at the moment, I've a bloggy award to post and pass on too so keep an eye out for that in the next 24 hours - you may have an award coming your way as well!!!


  1. Congrats sweetie, you are really on a roll! :-)

  2. wow!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are doing so well. Cant wait to see more of your creations