Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's on TONIGHT!!!

I've lots of goodies for sale, as do the other talented forum members - remember anyone is welcome to join in the fun!!!!

Here's a few more polymer clay cuties I created last night - yes this is a new addiction starting!!!! mwahahaha

They're all now sealed and ready to go!! I've decided to have them as semi-custom orders, meaning I will make them on demand to the colour specifications requested... It means I wont have a glut of completed items that don't sell ;)

Anyhoos, this there is a thunderstorm rolling around in our vicinity so should really switch the puter off to be safe ;)

Hope to see you at the market over the weekend!!!


  1. You've done a great job on the pins Treens! I had some polymer clay in my hands today at the shops to try something like this...luckily I put it back when I decided I had already spent enough money! LOL

  2. thanks Sue :) they're so much fun and EASY to make!!! I loved doing them, now to fill my orders :) And ooooh so many new ideas brewing!!! Watch out next craft market - lots more new things ahead!!!