Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

Inspired by some of my favourite bloggy scrappers out there I've been looking through my albums and thought I might share what my pics of 2010 for my work are...

It's a really tough job to whittle your work down like this though - especially if you're like me and put your heart and soul into every LO.. I can still look at a LO and remember waht was either playing on TV, on itunes, cooking etc etc whilst I was creating it - but then I am rather odd like that at times ROFL

Not all these LO's are my faves as they're brilliant pieces of art - some of them simply because of the emotion behind the photo or some little memento etc on the LO.... I hope you like :)

in no particular order....


Single Blue Flower

My Big Boy

Happy Buzzy Bee

The Lake


He's a Bowler

Not Longer a Boy

The Christmas Kiss


And because I think Sue would threaten to disown me as a friend if I didn't include mention of this one.... LOL

Cake Smash

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