Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well I decided that if the mojo isn't flowing as freely as I like then there could be a blockage - at the moment my biggest suspect is my bomb-site of a scrap room. Seriously there are bits and pieces everywhere, it's a dreadful mess so I've been cleaning and sorting and procrastination on cleaning and sorting.... Shocking aren't I LOL

So in trying to beat the procrastination ghosts away I am writing here in my blog furthering the procrastination (oh yes shameful!!!)

Seriously - this is a job that must be done, with all things worth doing preparation is something that needs to be done properly and with care, in my case this 'preparation' is for crafting in general.. and is sorting and cleaning and putting back into order my craft/scrap room

Wish me luck - hopefully I'll be back up for air in a few hours with something that looks semi-organised and workable!!!!

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