Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Work in Progress....

I am in the progress on working on a book that will document the personal journey that I have been on this year. This year, as a lot of people know, has been a long one and one full of change for me. We've moved interstate, away from our family and friends and have begun a new life in a state I had never visited before. I have beat my demons of depression, we created a new life and then lost him/her before they were born... I re-kindled my passion for paper and hand crafts and most important of all I believe I found "me" again... This is something I feel needs to be celebrated and documented - so i can look back in years to come and see exactly where I turned the corner in my life, where things started to gel for me and how far we have come as a family as well as individuals...

So I conceived my journey journal...

It will have at least a double page for each month, I will add photo's, mementos and journalling to it... It is definitely a work in progress - but the front cover is completed... and ready to share :)

2010 - The Journey

I love this chippie frame. It's from Words or Whatever. It's such a great size for framing little details! And their chippies are so great to work with!!! this one has been painted and crackled ;)

The chippie butterfly signifies new life for me. It has gone through huge changes in it's life to reach this stage of ultimate freedom and beauty!

My little bee pin - I really love this!! Did you know a bumblebee isn't aerodynamically meant to be able to fly - yet it does!! It reminds me that all things are possible - even if others say it isn't possible


  1. What a lovely idea! Love all the little details. How special it will be to you!