Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sorry according to the song is the hardest word, but it's one I seem to be saying lately!!!

Mostly due to lack of action. I've been sick - sick enough to turn up to the doctors and now be at the beck and call of radiologists and pathology vampires... Oh it's nothing serious - it will all work out in the end, but for the moment I'm a human pincushion and have a diary full of appointments from last week and well into the new year!!!

Once everything is confirmed and we're well on the way to getting things sorted and settled I should be ok to share a little of what is happening, but at the moment I've been struggling but am starting to get back on top of my life ;) This week I intend on catching up with things, next week will be starting to move forward again and the week after will be celebrating Christmas and making beautiful memories (well we try to do that every day but Christmas is something that little bit more magical!!!!)

So I'm sorry again for lack of action, communication, scrapping, creativity etc etc etc... I promise I WILL be back creating, sharing and posting soon ;) I'm a work in progress and at the moment a lot of work behind the scene is going on to get things back running at full steam again :)


  1. No need to apologise Treens...I can relate to your situation, your health is the most important thing...always! Stop feeling guilty for what you haven't done & start taking extra special care of yourself ;)
    Though looking forward to seeing some creativity when you have the time & inclination ;)

  2. oh it doesnt sound like a good time for you lately at all! Everything else can wait, just look after your self. One day at a time!Hope you feel better soon.