Saturday, January 15, 2011

Feeling Human Again :)

This last week has been super weird.. I've spent most of it in bed with you wouldn't believe it - Leg Cramps!!! I ended up with an electrolyte imbalance due to a side effect of some meds I was on which ended up with my left calf being in a constant state of cramp for the last 6 days!!! It sounds really trivial, I know... but it was so debilitating and painful - I even needed drugs to sleep through the night (prescription, not illegal!!! only clarifying hahaha)

So 5 days on electrolyte boosted drinks, massage, heat and moaning and I'm finally feeling almost human again!!! **yay**

Which means I can get on with being crafty again!!!! It feels like it's been a while, but it's only really a week since I finished a LO. I've been putting things together and playing with paper when I've been able to get up and move and as a result have a few LO's half done, or at least organised so hopefully they can be knocked over super quickly and I can get into some new projects - I tell you my fingers are sooooo itching to craft it up!!!!

And I guess I can confirm that I'm trying out for a DT this week - they're having a competition that starts today over at

I don't know how far I'll get. I think my work is way different than what most do over there so not sure if that's a good thing or not LOL But I'll give it my all!!! And, Yes I finally stopped procrastinating and am going for it ;)

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