Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ready to Go!!!!

There's been a small - eency weency, well to be honest 1 inch long hiccup to the beginning of my crafty year - but that in turn has lead to a chance to be even more crafty mwahaha

Too cryptic?? LOL

We had a scare with baby splodge yesterday which resulted with me being in hospital for 7 hours waiting on tests, scans etc etc... We're home not but have been ordered to REST!! So what better way to rest than to be resting and crafty at the same time!!! Woot woot!!!! Sooooo I'm off this afternoon to round up challenges and things to do over the next couple of weeks in particular and will be back to share what I can find :) There's lots out there already for the new year!!! :)

Bring it on!!!!

Woot woot!!


  1. take care of yourself and enjoy your crafting time :-) good luck with the challenges!!

  2. You tell "splodge" not to be causing ANY more dramas now or else Aunty H is gonna have something to say ok!!!
    No really Treens, I hope all is ok, REST up, even if it means the house is a mess, the most important thing is you and "splodge".
    Hope you get lots of scrapping in too, love your work, so arty and happy!

  3. oooh lots of challenges for sure!! I actually spent most of the afternoon at kmart fixing final school stuff for the kids - yeah naughty I know - paying for it now!!!

    BUT Splodge has been warned and I've been lectured ROFL so only rest from now on!!! I'm going to make some lollipops tonight!!! :) now I wonder where that would be for??? If I feel confident enough I might even look at applying for the CT at RES - sizing up the competition first mwahahaha