Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shameless Plug for a Special Friend :)

who would that be?? It's the gorgeous Sue!!!! She's branching out to start selling her gorgeous buttons on her blog under the name of...

And to help launch her little venture she is offering a GIVEAWAY!!!

Seriously, you really need to check out her gorgeous range :) they're very well made and cute to boot!!! :) And put yourself in for the chance to win a little bit of crafty cuteness by commenting HERE!!!


  1. Thanks Treens! (All plugs welcome, however shameless! LOL) XXX

  2. LOL Sue, I'm not sure hehe I've pout my name tentatively down for Red Earth Scrapping, I just really don't know.... I guess I'm a little chicken, and possibly a little unsure where I fit in scrapping, If I'm a bit too boring/simple etc etc... there's sooo many talented people out there at the moment - it's a big pond and I am but a little teeny fishy :)