Monday, January 24, 2011


It had to happen - cleaning of the scrap room that is **sigh** I like to have my room looking 'creative' and 'lived in' and well... isn't creating more important than cleaning??? LOL Anyhoos - we've got carpet cleaners in on Friday morning and a rental inspection in the afternoon and I'm not sure the real estate would be as understanding of my creative organisational skills in my craft room as I am - so time for a clean up **sigh**

I'm finding soooooo many things that had decided to grow legs and move from their usual homes!! They must have wanted to camp out on my desk than in the safety of their proper containers I'm sure ;) I guess summer is the time to go camping right :) Anyhoos... whilst going through a few what I thought were empty pizza boxes I came across some layouts I've not shared - so tomorrow we have a forecast of beautiful weather (perfect for Australia Day) I might photograph them and share - they're nothing special but more stories from my life and family :)

Ok, I've been procrastinating on and off all day - putting things off, but it's now down to the crunch time.. Big things have been sorted and put back in their non-creative homes... time to sort the little stuff - this is where I usually get lead astray by shiny stuff out the corner of my eye that needs experimenting with, or by my phone telling me I have new mail, or by a text message, a child calling "mummy" or TV, or - well anything pretty much LOL

On to the grind - If I don't surface tomorrow please send out a search party, I've probably discovered pixies at the bottom of the garden or the likes ;)

Have a great evening all :)


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