Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is it Just Me????

Am I the only person out there who spends most of the week mulling over a Layout... (an important one at that) I had a great plan in my head only to decide at the last minute it wasn't good enough or what I wanted to represent me and scrap it???

Well I've just done that - Probably a foolish move with it due midnight tomorrow night, but what's better than a deadline to make things motor on??? LOL

So I've spent the week collecting papers, cutting, forming, moulding a background... stitching and painting over it until it was just what I wanted - but now I've changed my mind hahaha Oh dear, the things we do!!!! I'll use it somewhere down the line I guess... eventually... maybe.. I think... errr - yeah one day I'm sure ;)

Now I'm back to square one - as in I've pulled out new papers, a new photo and have changed tack completely!!! And I'm hoping and praying that the idea forming will be breathtaking - hope and pray for me... I should be ready to upload and share tomorrow night all going well...

Oh shoot, I hope I've done the right thing mwahahahhaa LOL Nothing like experimentation ;)

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