Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cake Smash!!!

Okies, this month, as I said, I've decided I want to really try some new stuff so decided that beside my regular challenges I'm going to work with brights and different styles... I don't know if I've really pulled this one off, I wish I had a bit more oranges and yellows in my stash, but I had a go at least...

For the challenge requirements:

Use paint in a creative way that you've not done before - I've spread turquoise paint over the background with sponges, dropped lime over the top once it had dried, and then used the edge of a piece of card to make red and white lines as well as using one of my brad containers to make little circles of red and white as well. So lots of different paint things that I've not done before Smile

Brads: Lots all over the place!! Centre of flowers, picture brads and gem brads scattered throughout.

Eyelets: again lots scattered throughout, they are little flower eyelets in and around the flowers.

Journal Block: yeps Smile


Old PP: there are some quilted paper flowers that were part of my original stash - so over 8 years old!! They have been cut out of a full size PP; also on the back of the LO there are some of the same quilted square PP's that came from the same collection. The bee paper behind the journal block also comes from my 8 year old stash.

Ok, let me have it - good or a big mess?? I'm still not sure myself!!!


  1. Aww thanks Sue :) I'm still not certain on it myself, but so far the feedback is good :) It's definitely a 'once in a blue moon' style of scrapping for me - I ran out of embies!! ROFL

  2. Definitely good mess! I think you pulled it off perfectly. I always admire this style but know it's not in my capabilities so well done having a go!!

  3. I'm with Sue ... this is AWESOME!!! A perfect mess!!! :)