Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've decided to knock over this months swaps before really getting my teeth into this months challenges - well in honesty I'm waiting for pay day so I can go out to grab some bright paints, but it's a good excuse to knock the swaps over anyways LOL

The theme this month at SBT50 is PINK. Not my most favourite colour in the world, but I think I've some ideas brewing.. well enough that I've planned all 3 swaps for the embellishment swap and almost finished them!!!

The first group is receiving a little beaded spider. I found the inspiration for her HERE, and ended up tweaking the design and structure to create my own little spidey... here she is :)

Groups 2 and 3 will both be receiving the same type of embie, it's an envelope and matching journalling tag that slips inside the envie. I drew inspiration form Kerrie's blog here, she sent me this link for how to make the envie - the journalling card I made myself - it's not really rocket science ;)

This is group 3's envie and tag, group 2's is to come.. I'm after a specific paper to complete it - hopefully I'll find some tomorrow at the local scrap shop - if not I'll order her online and have to wait for it to arrive (good practice at being patient for me!! LOL)

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