Sunday, August 1, 2010

Giveaway - Inked Inspirations

**sigh** I'm in heaven LOL I'm a big twilight fan (yes, coming out of the closet here to all my online friends) and am on team Edward - so imagine my delight when I followed a link from Kellie Winnell's crafty blog to Inked Insirations!!! A fellow crafty person who loves twilight and is on team Edward too!!! Woohoo!! Oh and even better for those who aren't as easily entertained by a sparkly, good looking younger man like I, than a giveaway!!!

It's the summertime 2010 magnolia stamp set!!! the whole set, and what's even better is that by accident she ordered 2 more sets than she needed (accident in our benefit too BTW) so Jodi is kind enough to be giving 2 of these sets away!!! You have to be in it to win it guys... go to her blog, check out some awesome stampy goodness (even if you're a scrapper there's a lot to draw inspiration from!!) and put your comment and name down to be in with a chance to win these gorgeous goodies :)

PS - also check out the linky on her sidebar to join an awseome group for birthday RAK's (hell here's the link... Birthday RAK's) It's not one of Jodi's creations, but it's part of Pieces of Me blog/website... I'm yet to explore that one.. maybe later today ;) LOL

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