Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Queen of the Crop!!!

That's me!!! Wow!!! I never thought I'd really get that title, especially for a month where my head really wasn't there with visitors etc that took me away from my scrapping desk for half of the m0onth!!! It was for the Cyber Crop on Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia for July. So I'm super suprised and stoked :)

What does it mean? well for the month of September I'll be a guest DT member on SBT50 - what this entails I'm really not 100% certain of at the moment, but I'm sure to find out ;) I know that I'll have at least one layout to do as a guest DT and set the challenge for the group - I'm not sure if it's both for the CC and monthly or not - gee I really don't know a lot ROFL

I also won a product giveaway for the cyber crop as well (none of my LO's won :( but I didn't really expect that) For the giveaway we had to tell of a memorable achievement in our lives. There's so much I could have mentioned (especially with just moving) but I talked about one of the biggest achievements we have ever had to do - that is fight to keep William in our lives. This is what I wrote:

My greatest achievement (besides having my beautiful kidletts and moving to SA - because to me we're still in the middle of coming through that - so success is still not guaranteed Wink) is the fact that we still have William with us. He was born with multiple food allergies and anaphylaxis and the foodstuff he wasn't allergic to he was intolerant to. When I first noticed his reactions he was 3 weeks old and covered head to foot with a rash. My GP told me I was simply depressed and not coping with 3 children. I never went back to him!!!

We fought tooth and nail to keep him on earth. He had contact allergies (disposable nappies, wipes, shampoos etc) as well as airborne allergies - meaning if he was in the room with someone who had eaten peanuts that morning he would anaphylax - made for a solitary life - but we've come through. He was one of 5 children with similar conditions in Tasmania at the time. To wean him onto food we would book into the Royal Hobart hospital for it to be done under supervision, same with immunisations (which had to cease due to severe reactions). He even fought a flesh eating bug that he caught from a Dr surgery when he had chickenpox at 2 years old. He really is our little miracle and the fact I've stayed sane and rational, held down a job and been able to run a household whilst keeping him as healthy and happy as possible really has to be my greatest achievement so far.

Now he's a obnoxious 9 year old who's mouth works a lot quicker than his brain at times haha. He shows no signs of the difficult time he had as an infant and child - and now the only allergies he has are run of the mill dust (airborne) and grass (airborne and contact) allergies and severe allergy to peanuts (ingestion and contact).

I won some gorgeous inks from Scraphappy Kat (Kathie) so a HUGE thank you for both these wins :) I'm really thrilled and honoured :)

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  1. Congrats again babe, so looking forward to having you on the team next month! XXX