Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Little Carrot Top

Ok, I know this looks a really simple layout, but I was struggling with what to do for the SBT50 mini challenge put forward at the cyber crop. A Mini challenge is jsut that - a mini-challenge, to be done on a LO smaller than 12x12 and within a smaller deadline to opther cyber crop challenges. For the month of August the theme is "What's Cooking?" We had to think of an endearment that is based on a food item and use that on a layout - and put a handmade embellishment of said food on the LO as well. I was thinking pumpkins, I seem to recall calling William my little pumpkin at one stage, although no one else seems to remember it!! Then I was thinking of using the kids baby photo's as 'peas in a pod' but I didn't - not sure why, I might still do it and see if I can get it done before upload finishes midnight tomorrow....

Anyhoos, here is my Carrot Top Layout....

Each of the boards on the sign and holding the photo up are hand cut and coloured with Tim Holtz distress ink (tea dye)

lots of paper curls for the top of the carrots - some of the paper preferred to shred and tear rather than curl grrr

Augh, this orange handmade thready paper I used for the carrots was horrible to try and stick down!!! It kept putting threads on the double sided tape so it'd lose it's stickiness!!!

So this is Kahli's response to being called a 'carrot top' (which she hasn't been called for AGES!!!) "Carrot tops are green", and yep - I guess technically they are ;)


  1. Looks like a lot of work went into this one, and it's just gorgeous. I love all those little details on there :)

  2. Wow love your carrot heads brilliant

  3. This rocks Treens! Very clever!!! XXX

  4. thanks guys :) Kahli really loves it - so much so she wanted to take it to show everyone at school today!!!!