Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why Scrap??

Seriously, I'd love to know why people scrap.

For me, it's about preserving memories and creating something beautiful with the memories we've captured on film. I love beautiful things - I guess it's the girl in me. I love to make things pretty and add more meaning. It's leaving a little piece of me in this world, my viewpoint, my say on things.... It's my legacy to my kids, should something ever happen and I have to leave this world early they can look at my photo's and albums and see just how much I loved them, what I thought of them, my dreams for them - and that we had fun, we have good memories and to never ever forget that above all we are family and nothing will take that away!

I love that my kids are starting to scrapbook too as it gives a different viewpoint on an image. What I saw as them playing make believe, playing with friends, having a quiet moment etc could have been them being a multi milionaire riding their friend in their new porche, learning how to co-operate and negotiate or them having a sad moment I didn't realise they were feeling - these photo's mean different things to each of us, and seeing what they see really opens your eyes to another world.

So why do you scrap? Why is it important to you?


  1. The same here really. To preserve all those memories that might one day fade from our minds.
    I love the idea of my great grand children looking through the albums I have created and learning all about our life and their families history.

  2. I started out just to do a baby album, but then my gramma was diagnosed with alzheimers and it took on a new meaning, now I like to scrap about the little things in our lives, the big moments people will remember and I do scrap them, but I like to scrap about all those tiny moments that are the fabric of our lives!