Monday, August 30, 2010

Hmmm I could be in trouble...

because I've discovered, well not so much discovered as no one knew about them and I announced them to the world, but it's a shop I didn't know about and have now been introduced to and now I could be in trouble because I want to buy lots of stuff LOL It's Scrapbooking and Craft. Melinda who owns the store joined us on SBT50 and Vicki said to check out the shop so I did and now I'm regretting it at the same time as being very excited because their chipboard is sooo cute (seriously, if you want something girly then check THIS out!!!!)

I'm resisting the urge at the moment - yes AT THE MOMENT.... that doesn't mean that I wont for much longer ;) LOL But I have an Epic to finish paying for and dies and folders to purchase and other bits and bobs and... and... and... and..... Oh darn it - it wont hurt if somehting accidentally falls into my cart will it???? ROFL

BTW retreat post to come... I was soo excited about this shop... I think I need to go find me a bib ;) LOL

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