Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Hands are Shaking....

Why?? Because I've found something so very very precious to scrap. It's something that has no worldly value, in fact a lot of people out there would take one look and toss it aside... It's my grandmothers old recipe album. It's tattered, stained and falling to pieces. It's one of the old albums that we were warned about many years ago would destroy our photo's and memories - well this one contains so many memories!!!

Nan's Old Recipe Album

I got the prompt to search the album out by the SBT50 challenge set by Ant HERE. I'm going to scrap the hand written recipe that my nan used to make everyone's Christmas cakes and puddings with, the same recipe she also used to make all family members wedding cakes with - my wedding cake was made with this recipe - this is such a special special recipe and memory for me.

Nan's Original Fruit Cake Recipe

I remember nan mixing up this recipe year after year, the aroma that would permeate the house with this recipe was just the thing to set the mood coming up to Christmas season or make the run up to someone's special day so much more exciting to a young girl :)

When nan passed away I was passed this album. It was originally mums, I borrowed it for something but then she said I could have it - so it's remained one of my prized possessions since then - even though I've admittedly not taken the best care of it...

Some of the memories inside Nan's Recipe Album

But oh this recipe, the paper is so fragile, it's like rice paper. The ink is faded there are stains on the paper and the lines from the original glue in the album has stained through the paper... It's sooo precious to me though... it was hand written by my grandmother. It shows where she made an error and crossed it out and corrected it. It shows weights and measures in imperial - the temperature for the oven is in farenheit... so many memories, and I have the honour to preserve this one for my children to look back on - and yes, this year I am making this cake for Christmas and hopefully continuing the tradition for my children and grandchildren in the future....

This is what scrapbooking is all about!


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  1. Great minds think alike! I have my nana's handwritten recipe book too (it was what I requested when she passed away), so I am planning to scrap one of hers for my LO. ;-)