Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Class with Tracey - My2Angels

Yes, my mojo is still missing, but I think I can smell it lurking somewhere - being that it's been away from showers and civilisation for a while it's a bit on the nose.. I'll have to go on an active search and give it a good shake and scrub ;)

In the meantime SBT50 had a class with Tracey from My2Angels this month which has kinda kept me going ;) You can buy kits for the class from My2Angels or alternatively there is a materials list on SBT50. You can find the class information HERE and can purchase several versions of the kit HERE - GIRLS BLUE GREEN and RED

I used the blue kit. I found it came together really well :)

My finished product - photographed at night with flash, not the best pic, I'll try to get a better one in the morning if I remember ;)

My letters 'B' and 'S' were too dark to stand out against the background for me so I gave them some extra treatment. The 'B' I inked with copper and then embossed some pewter over the top and the 'S' I painted aqua then sprinkled over some glass glitter - I wasn't totally happy with that effect so splashed some crackle paint over the top.. and voila :)

extra distressing on the circle, oh and a little different action with the string ;)

I did a bit extra to what was mentioned in the class - I really took liberties with distressing adding in some sewing, extra inking and tearing - oh and a few rips and staples LOL

So there you have it, even though Mojo wasn't around (although I swear I can smell him/her!!!) I was still able to pull off a decent job with the kit - it's a great way to get the scrapping blood pumping... Now to go find Mojo and scrub him/her until she/he's too scared to leave me this long again!!!!


  1. Nice! Very effective :-) Just joined your lovely blog :-)

  2. See ya on Friday (with your grass - OMG I am so sorry I left it out of your kit)
    And hey don't feel guilty .... we all need time out away from the four wall and the stress of it all (just been over to your other blog)