Monday, August 2, 2010

It's great being new :)

to the art of scrapping that is.... the best thing would have to be that I can experiment and no one batts an eyelid at all - I'm still learning sooo much stuff and there's so much out in the world of scrapping it's like anther world!!

This month I've decided to battle my hesitance with bright colours. Yeps -this month is going to be big and bold - well that's the plan LOL It's either going to work well or be a great big mess.. And you know what - I don't think I mind at all... either way I'm giving it a go, trying something new, and if it works then all well and good, if it doesn't I know not to try it again!!!

With that in mind I'm off to plan out what I'm going to do for the SBT50 challenges this month... They can be found HERE

And I'm also hoping to join in on the challenges at Challenge Haven as well. They can be found HERE

Oh and scraphappy Kat has released the August sketch that I'll also have a go at HERE

:) Lots of scrappy fun to be having this month, there's also more around for challenges, comps and crops coming up... I really need to get myself organised here to get them on my tabs so I know where I am - otherwise the month will pass in a blur and I'll be rushing around like a mad hatter at the end of the month!!!

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