Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scrap Whispers

Ahh what fun!!!

Oh and Happy Fathers Day to all the men who are fathers or soon to be fathers in your lives ;)

Back to scrap whispers. What is it I hear you say? Well it's like a relay... One person scraps a Layout and then passes it to another person in a set group who then uses the LO to scraplift or as inspiration, and then it's passed on to the next person and so on and so on...

Well we recently had one in SBT50 for the month of June - Yes it ran a little late and it's only just finished this week, but here is my LO to share - I really REALLY LOVE the way it turned out!!

I adore this photo of Aleks and Dom and am really pleased the way the inque (sp?) papers from Kmart suited it!!! :) There's a LOT of fiddley cutting with the lace I've laid over the image, the whole mount that this photo is on was solid, I've cut it all out - I find cutting therapeutic and the end result is soooo worth the effort and usually turns out different to what most other people would do as cutting isn't most peoples cup of tea ;) you can also take an ordinarily dull and boring paper and breathe new life into it!! You can find the other Layouts for June Scrap Whispers HERE, they are uploaded out of order but you can follow the train as they are numbered ;)

We have another Scrap Whispers running for September HERE... Head on over and sign up if you think it would interest you - the more the merrier - and the suspense towards the end is aching, but so much fun once everyone reveals how they have been inspired - trust me, the final result is often very different from the first layout!!!

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  1. We're so excited to see that scrap whispers is spreading, and we're loving your work!!