Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I don't mean back out of here slowly and run for your lives kind of retreat - but the kind where you get away from the stresses in your life and laugh until you can laugh no more kind of retreat!!! Many many thanks to the Scrapbooking Top 50 Aust girls, Kathie and the Scraphappy Kat team for a great weekend :)

It was great to get away, to relax and to meet people you've met online and find out that they are just as gorgeous in real life as in typed word :) To say we had fun is a total understatement - I can't really divulge everything that happened on retreat - as they say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas - well retreat was our Vagas ;)

Let's just say this much - LONG drive from SA to Vic with Vicki, meaning lots of chatting ;) then once we arrive, hello's, walkies, food, drink, sweeties, goodies, classes, 4am bedtimes, flowers up sleeves, finger splitting ham, stitches, paints, epics, papers, photo's, laughs, hugs and a few tears as we said goodbye... There ya go - that's all the goss you'll get ;) ROFL but of course there are piccies!!!!

I didn't realise until I got home just how few photo's I had taken!!! Something to do with dodgy batteries on my camera - augh drove me nuts with it always going flat!!! I think they need replacing rather than just recharging - anyhoos... I've a few hmmmm 'interesting' photo's....

Anthea wasn't sure which was saner - to follow us or the sign.....

And well Sue, what can I say - absent in body but her spirit partied on ;) you can see what else Sue got up to at retreat HERE

I've more piccies that I may upload here from time to time.. for now onto some classes....

And here's what we did for Tracy's class. I printed this photo of Domenik in the park by chance in case I wanted to do something with it - it suited this LO beautifully!!!

And group photo and LO class by Kathie. I kinda squished my flower in transit :( It wasn't quite dry **sob** but I've some spare petals so will make a new one and allow it to dry fully before adding it on this time!

So that is retreat blogged for now - I'll pop little snippets here and there ;) I can't wait to get together with the girls again - it's sooooooo much fun!!! I'm so happy that I pushed away all the stress, negativity and fears and went :) I feel so much better for it and I met some lovely people who are like minded and absolutely gorgeous inside and out :) Oh and on the next one Sue will be there in body too - that's going to be a whole lot 0f party happening then!!!! wahoooo!!!!


  1. I am still trying to figure out why I was the only one to stand under that sign......!

    I had a great time too - and oddly enough - I didn't get a ton of pics either. Weird coming from a gal who can take 100 of her daughter playing in the mud. Love all your LOs and think the one for my challenge came up great - what you added looks amazing!

  2. are so right - everyone better watch out next time!!! ;-p
    LOVE the LO you did for Tracy's class - looks stunning! XXX