Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Month, New Challenges....

Who doesn't love the start of a new month - so many new challenges to try!!! It's also a time when the previous months challenges are all done and dusted and a huge sigh of relief can be collectively heard as the finishing touches are all placed and we stand back and look with pride at the work we've completed during the month.

I was planning on uploading my monthly challenges for SBT50, however I've just discovered we're speed capped (grr to DH for his downloading) so it will have to wait until tomorrow to be completed...

I guess that gives me more time to work on my first day's work for **BOOTCAMP** that is beign hosted on Blue Bazaar :) I'm determined to complete the 50 layouts in 50 days challenge, but in all honesty don't thin I'll make it - but going to give it a good hard shot ;)

So signing off with a promise to upload piccies and layouts tomorrow - I've still to blog about retreat (that I'm STILL recovering from!!!) and all the fun we got up to there :)

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