Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm on a Scrappy High :)

and don't want to ever come down from this feeling LOL I've been creating today... lots of new stuff and working out new techniques :)

All in and around shopping with the brats - oh why did I think school holidays would be good for my scrappy mojo - WRONG!! ROFL

well, OK - it's not been all that bad, but I'm already over the "muuuuum *** hit me" or the "muuuuum *** called me a name" augh!!!

Sooo what have I been making?? Well more buttons - this time from a substance I found in spotlight (on clearance mind you so I probably wont be able to get it again **sigh**) called rubba-dubba-doo. It dries like those old foam block stamps (or foam kids toys if you have kids) so it's been really fun to work with - non sticky and non messy!!! I'll get some pics and edit them in here once the brats are in bed...

What else?? Weeeellll I've worked out a way to make my own bottle top scrappy goodness!!! You know the ones with piccies or papers in them that cost quite a lot at different crafty places... Well I'm making a mini tute that I'll put here for everyone to have the same fun as me :) It's a great way to use mini photo's or the index photo's that you get when printing etc... And did I say simple!?!?! SUPER simple and SUPER cheap!!!! wahoo!!!!

Oh and I got out photoshop and have had a play with my profile pic, I HATE photo's of me with a passion but thought it' time I did a more updated (even though it is 12 months old) one and something a little more half decent.... Whatcha think??? It's over that way ----------------->

Okies, need to feed my brood before they think that wooden furniture is another form of edible vegetation!!!

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