Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where have all the hours in the day gone!?!?!?

They seem to be escaping me!!! I know what is happening though - because all my scrapping goodies are now segregated from the main part of the house I'm missing all those snick 5/10/30 minutes of extra scrapping and as a result things are not getting done that I want to get done!!! I've only been able to complete 1 of the Outback Scrapping CC challenges - when i did want to get more done - hey it's Twilight theme... what else is a twihard meant to do!??! LOL But seriously - I feel like I've hardly done anything productive since I've made the move to my scrap room!!! Even making 2 thankyou cards that I wanted to do this week hasn't been done as I've not have things in front of me for my brain to mull over **sigh** I'm seriously hoping the scrapping mojo returns before the weekend so I can finish the CC LO's for the SBT50 CC!!!

well I have 3 hours before bed tonight, I wonder how much I can get done on a LO....

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