Thursday, September 30, 2010

And to Complete the Monthly Trifecta.....

All swaps were completed and sent in time (wahooo!!!)

Sooooo... Here are my embellishment swaps... I'll update with a photo of my tags that I made for the product swap as soon as I get them back, because little old me was so excited to get them in on some she forgot to get a photo of them!!! **doh**

The Theme for the Embellishment Swap was :

Feathers Fur and Fins

Stamped birdie, painstakingly and lovingly cut out and then feathered, stickled and dimensional magiced to bring some definition.... I left him/her uncoloured so the recipient could do them in the colour scheme they wished for their own uses.

Handmade buttons (by moi of course LOL) Painted and then dimensional magiced to bring the little duckie out of the background.

Handmade feather button (by moi of course LOL) hand sculpted, glimmer misted and then roughly painted to give dimension.

As I said Tags will come soon and then I'll photograph them and upload here as well ;)

now, onto October!!! The middle of Spring and month of numerous family birthdays and how can we forget Halloween!!!!

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